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Dear Sir or Madam,

As we know, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang will participate in the 2019 summit called the “16+1”initiative of Eastern and Central European countries and China, which is to be held in Croatia. We hope to share some necessary and informative understandings. For Croatia and for the true peace of the world, we must see the true face of the China government—Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

This initiative is part of the mammoth Chinese project“One Belt, One Road”(OBOR), a sort of modern “Silk Road”, is considered one of the most ambitious projects in the world. Behind these agreements lies the true objective of the CCP, which is to control Europe and the world through economical means and to encourage the violence and internal divisions of its countries.

After the cheating from OBOR in Southeast Asia, now comes Europe holding “16+1 Summit 2019” in Croatia not long ago. Just recently as well, it is now up to 18+1 in Europe, some days after; two more countries join in OBOR project, Greece and Italy.  France, Germany, and Spain also seems willing to join in later! This is going to be a disaster. No wonder there is a prophecy that said Europe is going to be poor, being controlled by other powers.

Western governments obviously don’t realize how evil the CCP is . They don’t  know that China’s policy includes allowing government to collect all data from all the investment dealings of China  or any affiliations to Chinese individuals or companies; they must provide all their companies’ data, which includes personal data, on the grounds of national security.  Accepting China’s investment or investing in China both equals to political and economical kidnapping.

This is an extract of the law about the OBOR project coming from the Chinese government: “Improve and improve the national security intelligence sharing environment of the Belt and Road.  Gradually open up and cooperate with different organizations to obtain various information content to achieve multi-channel access and mutual verification.  Integrate network resources to enhance the use of intelligence information, strengthen human, material and financial resources, and connect with intelligence centers and open databases of relevant international organizations and institutions”.

“16+1” PROGRAM

The Chinese government promised to the Central and Eastern European countries participating in the “16+1” cooperation plan that it would give large-scale investments to countries within five years. But now that seven years have passed, the revitalization of exports that the participating countries are expecting has not been realized nor acted upon. Instead, a large number of Chinese goods inflows have caused competition.

In Poland, for example, when the country joined the “16+1” program in 2012, the trade deficit with China was 10.3 billion US dollars; but as of 2018, Poland’s trade deficit with China has increased to 28.4 billion US dollars.


About this OBOR project which is tied to “16+1” program, US Vice President Pence delivered a speech at the 2018 APEC Leaders Summit, criticizing the CCP’s“Belt and Road,” which not only harms a country’s  sovereignty, but also brings corruption and high debt.

In Southeast Asia, an increasing number of countries have lost their key place in the economy through the OBOR project.The CCP has invested heavily in Sri Lanka through the form of loans; today, Sri Lanka spends about 80% of its public income to pay this“unprecedented”debt. They’ve  also had to rent the port of Hambantota for a period of 99 years.

The Washington think tank, “Center for Global Development,” released a research report, in March 2018, that Pakistan, Djibouti, Maldives, Laos, Mongolia, Tajikistan,  are among the countries that have fallen into the CCP’s“One Belt, One Road Debt Trap”.The debt risk of eight countries, including Kyrgyzstan and Montenegro, is particularly worrying.

“The CCP’s intention is to increase production of its own exports, not to help the countries along the Belt and Road to establish their own manufacturing industries—the CCP would not relinquish the competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing.

The real ambition behind OBOR is to use economic means as a vanguard to establish control over the financial and political lifelines of other countries and to turn them into the CCP’s colonies for its globalist strategy. Byproducts of participation in OBOR schemes include importation of all the pernicious aspects of communism: corruption, debt, and totalitarian repression. The project is a deceptive trap that will not bring lasting economic prosperity to its participants. “(”How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World”—THE EPOCH TIMES)

The CCP media war poses a threat to global press freedom.In 2003, the CCP proposed a “media warfare” strategy and regarded it as a part of the overall strategy of the CCP’s military. The most representative one is the “new world media order.”

The CCP has successively bought overseas media, and now 470 overseas Chinese media play an active role in the promotion of the Belt and Road.


The British Internet security magazine “SCmagazine” and the US technology website “Lightreading” reported on March 29 that in January of this year, Microsoft engineers discovered that Huawei’s laptops did have backdoors.

At the end of last month, the UK National Cyber Security Center issued a report stating that Huawei products have major security risks that are difficult to resolve. Huawei is accused of supporting the CCP in its cyber espionage activities and is highly valued by the CCP’s intelligence and national security departments.

According to Reuters, the US-China Economic Security Review Committee, under the US Congress, released its annual report in 2018. The report alleges that China’s advantages in 5G wireless technology are now increasingand the number of devices connected to the Internet is also exploding; these connected devices may be used to launch cyber attacks.

The French newspaper, Le Monde, released a survey in January and confidential data, at the AU headquarters in Ethiopia, was sent to Shanghai every night for five years. From the opening of the AU Building in January 2012 to January 2017, data transmission activities peaked from midnight to 2 am every night, and AU technicians found that the organization’s secrets were copied to servers located in Shanghai.Huawei and the AU Commission signed a contract on January 4, 2012 to provide network technology infrastructure for the AU headquarters building. Huawei also provides a series of services for the AU and trains a batch of technical ICT experts from the AU Commission.

Huawei steals information and intellectual property rights through cooperation with local companies. It cooperates with major telecom operators, BELL and TELUS, in Canada. The cooperation between the two home appliance vendors and Huawei is huge. If Huawei is disabled or Huawei equipment is removed, the loss of these two home appliance companies is considerably huge.


Steven W. Mosher, chairman of the Institute of Population Studies, who studied human biology at Stanford University, wrote on March 24 that the CCP is collecting and building human gene banks globally through biogenetic companies. They may also weaponize this, to attack important sensitive people and their families in a small areaand to destroy people on a larger scale. In 2006, the Chinese state-funded enterprise Shenzhen Hua da Gene Technology Co., Ltd. (BGI) acquired the American gene sequencing company Complete Genomics, which allowed the Chinese company to obtain a DNA database containing a large number of Americans’ personal genetic information. In an interview with the Danish “Engineer” website in 2011, Li Ning, president of the European headquarters of the company, denied that the Danish genetic information would be sent to China. He once told reporters: “This is a Danish project, all the information and the data belongs to the Danish people. The purpose of the project is to establish a basic database for the Danish people and serve them in the future. “Coincidentally, the Danish media reported in 2016 that the health and privacy information of 5.3 million Danes was incorrectly made in Denmark. The National Serum Institute (Statens Serum Institut) was mailed to the Chinese Visa Application Centre, a Chinese company based in Denmark.


“In The Name Of Confucius”, a documentary about the Confucius Institute’s internationally controversial and boycotted image, has won several international awards, including the 2016 American International Accolade Gold Medal Film Competition 3 awards. The documentary produced in Canada visited a number of universities and education bureaus on the east and west coasts of Canada to explore the reasons for these schools to open or reject Confucius Institutes, as well asinterviews with many Chinese experts.

In 2004, the CCP began to open Confucius Institutes overseas through Hanban. Each of them had to spend at least US$100,000 on Chinese taxpayers as start-up funds. After that, the operating fees for recruiting teachers and organizing teaching materials were also paid by Chinese taxpayers. As of December 31, 2018, 548 Confucius Institutes and 1,193 Confucius Classrooms were established in 154 countries and regions around the world. It has been resisted in many parts of the world, because of its grotesque party culture and restraint on freedom of speech. Since 2013, the second and third universities in Lyon, France, the University of Chicago, the Pennsylvania State University, the Stockholm University in Sweden, and two universities in Germany, have closed or cancelled the Confucius Institutes on their campuses.


Nike, Adidas, Lianjian, Honghui, Philips, Puguang, Hua’errun, Nokia, Zixing, Seagate, Hecheng, Samsung… have closed factories in China. The New York Times said that due to high tariffs, the cost of production in China has increased a lot, making these companies consider cheaper locations to produce products. At the same time, the CCP’s blackmail for foreign-funded enterprises, theft of intellectual property rights, and heavy business protectionism, are also important reasons. The abolition of mandatory foreign companies to carry out key technology transfer and the effective protection of intellectual property rights has always been an important appeal of the US government to the Beijing authorities. In order to cope with the problem of increasing tariffs in the United States, the Chinese Communist Party rushed to launch the “Foreign Investment Law” on March 15 this year, and its actual implementation effect is doubtful.


History teaches us that it is good not to trust the CCP; in 1951, Tibet signed a contract with China, which led to the Chinese occupation and the flight of 80,000 Tibetans, following the persecution.

In 1997, the United Kingdom and China signed an agreement that made Hong Kong a Chinese territory, partially depriving it of its freedom.

Nor should we forget that in China there are no human rights and the CCP does not only persecute Tibetans, but also Falun Gong practitioners, a peaceful Chinese meditation discipline, banned in 1999.Through the CCP’s jealousy it created tons of fake news through propaganda. The UN has proof regarding the persecution of Falun Gong such as the “self immolation case” staged by the CCP. Millions of innocent people were put in jail or killed for their organs. There are many sources that point to human body exhibitions and the missing people of conscience. It’s a crime against humanity and against Human Rights. The Croatian Parliament voted unanimously on March 1, 2019, to adopt the Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in HumanOrgans, becoming the eighth European nation to ratify the treaty. Dr. BranimirBunjac, Member of Parliament, stated during the parliamentary proceedings, “Six comprehensive international reports point in the direction that the most common source of organs in China areprisoners of conscience. Let’s say it openly – they are religious believers, and most of them are the practitioners of the Buddhist system of Falun Gong, followed by Christians, Tibetans, and Uygur Muslims.”

Today, more than 1 million Uygurs, Kazakhs and other Muslims are being held in re-education camps,  in order to remove their religious and ethnic identity.

Now China wants to transform China’s Christianity into a “CCP Christianity” to be led by the CCP and serve the CCP’s regime.

As China controls the world through the economy, these types of violence could also land in Europe, as in the case of the Italian journalist threatened by a Chinese official, during Xi Jinping’s recent visit to Italy.

We should urge all European country to be very careful and be fully awareness of the dictatorship and inhumane treatment by CCP. Please do not sign any contract with them. Don’t forget the disaster they bring and 100,000,000 deaths from the past and the millions of  death nowadays of Falun Gong practitioners, coming from the communistic party in China.


In the past four decades, the Chinese government has not gradually accepted the influence of the Western political system because of its deepening contact with the world. Instead, its purpose is to promote the socialization of Western democracies through various infiltrations. I am afraid that the contact is only a scam of the CCP.

“Free Asia Radio” reported that, “China’s promotion of the autocratic model to the world, the West began to alert and counterattack” pointed out that the CCP’s means of infiltrating Western countries include: using the space provided by Western freedom of speech and academic freedom, while using incitement, bullying, false propaganda and other means to suppress Western values. China also secretly buys local politicians, persuades Western elites to endorse the CCP’s legitimacy and its authoritarian rule, and even tries to force the affected governments to achieve self-censorship, and even forces those governments that fear losing China’s resources or interests to surrender unconditionally.

The German Intelligence Agency Constitutional Security Agency issued a warning on December 10, 2017 that the Chinese government agents are using social media to reach German parliamentarians and other government employees.

Australian security intelligence agencies have found that two Chinese billionaires with close ties to Beijing donated at least $6.7 million in political contributions to two major Australian political parties; there are also about ten political candidates from central and local governments in Australia. Chinese intelligence agencies have a close relationship. Australia’s National Security Intelligence Agency has clearly warned that Australia is facing an unprecedented threat, much more serious than Soviet agents entering the government during the Cold War.


 On March 12th, the EU published the “European-Chinese Strategic Prospects” report. The report re-adjusted the EU’s China strategy, from the “biggest trading partner” of the past years to the vigilance of the CCP, and implemented a more defensive policy and a tough stance.

From Central and Eastern Europe to southern Europe, China (the CCP) is gradually influencing Europe through coercive and corrupt economic power. At the United Nations Human Rights Conference held in Geneva in 2017, Greece’s veto power over the EU’s condemnation of the Chinese human rights case and the EU’s condemnation of the Chinese government were just one example. In February this year, the EU introduced a draft of the historic investment security review law, which was originally shared with Germany and France. Promoting this China Investment Act, Italy, actually abstained from voting, revealing that China has successfully persuaded the Italian government, which is incompatible with the EU, to turn to strengthen relations with Beijing.

Various indications show that China (the CCP) has similar strategies in Europe and China to break through and break down regional alliances or organizations in East Asia. For the EU, which is now maintaining the European integration and solidarity, Beijing is dangerous and destructive. In the long run, it is no less than Russia, which has always been at the door of Europe.

In the process of realizing its global ambitions, the CCP recognizes no moral limitations and obeys no laws. As discussed in the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, the history of the CCP’s founding is a process of gradually perfecting the evilness found through history, both in China and around the world, including the Party’s nine inherited traits: evil, deceit, incitement, unleashing the scum of society, espionage, robbery, fighting, elimination, and control.[<Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party>] These traits are seen everywhere through the CCP’s process of global expansion, and the Party has continually enhanced and strengthened its techniques and their malignancy. The CCP’s “unrestricted warfare” is a concentrated expression of these evil traits and plays an important part of its success.

The CCP implements unrestricted warfare in numerous fields, using many seemingly mundane means to achieve its goals:

  • Exporting Party culture and lies to the world through foreign propaganda
  • Controlling global media and carrying out ideological unrestricted warfare
  • Using fame, honey traps, human relationships, bribery, and despotic power to unite the leaders of the United Nations, important political figures of various countries, experts in think tanks and academic circles, tycoons, and influential people from all walks of life to cultivate friendships to support the CCP and help it through crises
  • Supporting, inciting, and allying with rogue regimes to distract the United States and Western governments
  • Using trade diplomacy to make free countries compete against one another, with the market of more than one billion Chinese as bait
  • Deepening economic integration and interdependency to tie up other countries
  • Violating WTO trade rules
  • Making false reform commitments to accumulate trade surplus and foreign exchange reserves
  • Using the fruits of capitalism to fatten the body of socialism
  • Using the market, foreign exchange, and financial resources as weapons to suppress human rights through economic unrestricted warfare and to force other countries to abandon moral responsibility and universal values
  • Forcing Chinese working abroad in private enterprises to steal information from developed countries
  • Making hostages of China’s citizens and those of other countries”                                                                         (“How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World”—THE EPOCH TIMES)

The CCP does not simply want to invest and help the Eastern European economy; above all, they seek to open a gap to Europe and control the world by seizing key positions in the business.

In view of the analysis and experience already available and presented on the above countries, we need to carefully consider how to cooperate with China, without being subjugated and regulated as those who have fallen.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to read this letter.

Please give Croatia our best wishes.



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