Exposing the Crimes of the “China Care Association”

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(Minghui.org) In August 2012, the preliminaries of the Asia-Pacific Division of the 5th NTDTV International Chinese Classical Dance Competition were held in Hong Kong. The members of the so-called “Hong Kong Youth Care Association,” which is organized by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), came to stir up trouble at the venue and carried out violent acts many times to try to interfere with the contest. Since June of this year, the association members have often used violent means to harass Falun Gong practitioners at the spots where they clarify the truth to people. The association members displayed slanderous banners and poster boards that attack Falun Gong, along with instigating a series of vicious incidents. Their activities reminded people of the Cultural Revolution. They showed Hong Kong residents the horror of the CCP’s struggle tactics and brainwashing.

It was revealed that the “Hong Kong Youth Care Association” controls a group of underworld/triad criminals from mainland China and Hong Kong, convicts, as well as many high school students that are told to harass Falun Gong practitioners during the summertime. They are paid three hundred Hong Kong dollars a day. When residents asked them why they did those things to help the CCP, they seemed surprised and were afraid to face the cameras. As disclosed by one of its employees, the association wanted him to find local triad members to track down and beat up Falun Gong practitioners to force them to give up introducing Falun Gong and exposing the persecution.

The CCP extends its evil arm into Hong Kong to challenge the freedom and rule of law that exists there. How could this be called “caring?” It uses the tricks of underworld criminals, yet it shamelessly displays the banner of “caring.” Residents who witnessed their behavior said that in the name of caring, they in fact repress good people and violate citizens’ freedom of belief and expression. In the name of caring for youths, and teaching youths to be caring, they actually instill violence and hatred into young people’s minds. The organization uses money to instigate young people to engage in illegal and criminal acts. In fact, when one takes a look at the association’s fact sheet, one will find that it plays a vital role for the CCP in brainwashing today’s youth, as well as brainwashing each and every subsequent generation.

The “China Care Association” is actually the same as the “China Anti-Cult Association.” The CCP chooses to use either one of these two names on different occasions as required. It is basically a CCP organization, specifically established to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. At the beginning of the persecution of Falun Gong, The CCP initiated a “One Million Signatures” campaign to start a large-scale mass political movement. Within one week time, the CCP created the so-called “Tiananmen self-immolation” to support the association’s movement. To expand the “One Million Signatures” campaign, the CCP Ministry of Education and the Youth League issued an announcement to initiate a series of “Campus Refuse Cult” activities. This quickly spread from Beijing to the whole country. On February 12, 2001, more than eight million Young Pioneers, four millions middle school students and 300,000 college students participated in taking the oath, signing petitions, attending discussions, forums, class meetings, and so on at all levels of schools in Guangdong Province. Numerous schools have established “Anti-Cult Associations” since then.

In order to provide the theoretical basis for the “Campus Refuses Cult,” the “Anti-Cults Association,” they compiled a book called “Campus Refuses Cult” and widely distributed it to the point that nobody was without a copy. The association also compiled textbooks that slander Falun Gong and incorporated them in the “Nine-Year Compulsory Primary School Experimental Textbook.” The Shengli Oilfield “Anti-Cult Association” forced teachers and students to write papers to defame Falun Gong and then compiled them into a book called “The Sunlight Bud,” which became the first nationally published collection of “anti-cult” works. In 2004, the “China Care Association” spread the book internationally.

In the name of caring, the “Care Association” indoctrinates schools with its vicious lies to deceive students. Many children who have no objective understanding of what Falun Gong is about are deceived by such lies. On November 17, 2004, under instruction from the local authorities, the Yanzhao Evening Post published an article entitled, “The Faded and Fallen Leaves in the Rain” by Wang Nan from Handan Technology High School. An investigation revealed that it was a purely fabricated lie. The manuscript was supplied by the 610 Office in Hebei Province. The article was a so-called award-winning article from the “Anti-Cult Solicit Works” sponsored by the “Anti-Cult Association.” This indoctrination not only poisons the minds and souls of children, but also causes children to degenerate into accomplices of the CCP in the persecution of Falun Gong.

Wang Yusheng, who is the curator of the Museum of China Science and Technology, is also the main sponsor, the person in charge, and the legal representative of the “China Care Association.” He is a calculating person who had recommended using sleep deprivation to torture Falun Gong practitioners. In 2001, Wang Yusheng handed the one-hundred-meter-long scroll of the “One Million Signatures” to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to deceive the international community. For years, he has written slanderous reports to be distributed internationally to blatantly export hatred worldwide. Another promoter of the “Anti-Cult Association” is the Wuhan TV Station Head, Zhao Zhizhen. He crafted a videotape slandering Falun Gong and its founder. The videotape was supplied to CCTV and has become the main vehicle for the CCTV to slander Falun Gong. Another sponsor is He Zuoxiu, who was known for provoking the “Zhongnanhai incident” and has long been notorious and controversial. All three individuals are human rights criminals and have been cited by the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong.

A large number of the “Care Association” members use their status in science and technology and are also senior government officials. They are directly involved in promoting the brainwashing of youths and of adolescent Falun Gong practitioners. As an example, many members of the “Wuhan Care Association” are university principals in Wuhan. They implemented activities such as “Campus Refuses Cult” and “No Cult Campus” extensively. Students applying for graduate school are required to fill out a self-examination form associated with the “Campus Refuses Cult.” Otherwise, they will not be accepted. Students who refuse to give up practicing Falun Gong are expelled from school, imprisoned, suspended from classes, disallowed to move on to the next level of schooling, or denied graduation. They send these students to brainwashing centers, forced labor camps, or psychiatric hospitals. Some of them were persecuted to death. The Minghui website has a large number of reports on the crimes against these students.

The sponsors and members of the “Care Association” in China are those with the titles of academician or professor, but none of them have any good academic achievements and their work does nothing to back their so-called credentials. Based on psychological and medical research, they provide the theoretical basis and specific methods for brainwashing or are directly involved in the persecution. How can these CCP foot soldiers, who have no soul, morality, or human nature care for life?

On June 8 this year, the CCP registered the “Hong Kong Youth Care Association” in Hong Kong. Just two days later, the association, from China to Hong Kong, set up banners and display panels that slander Falun Gong. They started a series of violent harassment. There is evidence that the CCP had prepared a set of brainwashing objectives ready to be instigated in Hong Kong. The CCP’s brainwashing technique is all-round and systematic. The CCP sponsored “National Education” in Hong Kong is also a brainwashing movement. The CCP adopts the strategy of “education starts at birth.” It implies that indoctrination begins with a blank sheet of paper as they can be easily manipulated. The CCP has never given up trying to poison the minds of the young.

Hong Kong residents should boycott the “Hong Kong Youth Care Association” just as they resisted the “National Education” to maintain a free environment for the growth of the next generation, and maintain the core values needed for Hong Kong’s survival. They should not allow the CCP’s evil arm to incite heinous crimes. I believe that Hong Kong residents will be able to do this and that there will be a wave of universal resistance to the persecution in China soon. Shouldn’t those communist partisans, who sacrifice their lives for the party, hurry to make a choice for themselves if they do not want to have a terrible fate?

Exposing the Crimes of the “China Care Association”

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