A freestyle Journey to the West 11

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Visionary fiction: “A freestyle Journey to the west” (Europe) the 11th part: Receiving encouragement from a romantic country

Li Qiyu

This is an authentic visionary story, in which the shocking truths regarding mankind’s true history unfold one after the other.

I have always considered France to be a romantic country, and many people look forward to this when coming to France, and I am no exception. However, many people who live in France don’t feel this that much.

My friend who is  a film director couldn’t wait to bring me on a guided tour all around Paris. The Notre Dame court, the Louvre, the Palais Royal, the river Seine , the Eiffel tower, the Arc de Triomphe (the Arch of Triumph), Champs Elysee high street, Place de la Concorde, Montmartre, Luxembourg park, the palace of Versailles. Enjoying this trip amongst such nice beautiful scenery, and immersed in such a romantic environment of such excellent fine taste, it felt like one was floating around in a poetic dream ……. The artistic atmosphere of Paris, and its elegant culture and civilization was at the peak of perfection, and is worthy of being the most unique city in the world.

Especially when on the tourist boat on the river Seine, shuffling past all the ancient bridges, the Statue of Liberty, and the resplendent and magnificent palaces and scenic architecture nearby and by the riverside are so exceedingly perfect they are lacking in any blind spaces in ones vision. And in fact Paris is surely the World’s most uniquely beautiful city in the world. It is said that in the streets of Paris in the past there were more artistic statues, and it was literally a heavenly realm in the human world. Victor Hugo was an outstanding representative of romanticism, and in his work, “Notre Dame de Paris”, not only did he enable people to be moved by the love story between the peculiar man of the clock tower, Quasimodo, and Esmeralda, but he also enabled the French people to suddenly be aware that all the religious buildings that were destroyed during the great revolution were all their own cultural heritage. It was such a pity that during the great revolution, the communists destroyed about half of the statues and much of the glorious architecture in Paris, and this one mob of hooligan scoundrels making a revolution was truly a calamity and misfortune for mankind’s civilization. 

Fortunately, France is always without a lack of every sort of elite artist, and artists need to look for new artistic inspiration. From literature and theatre, romanticism developed. And in these works, one can often find love stories, with the reappearance of the knighthood spirit of the middle ages, portraying and modelling the bearing and demeanour of nobility and gentry. The Middle Ages of France had encouraged rules for “Romantic love in the royal court”, which were about how men, when facing women, were to observe their words and manners, the Men were supposed to attract the Women, but were not supposed to lose their gentility and elegance. In theory, in order to gain the love of a woman, the man would have to undergo many steps of tests and trials, in order to get closer to the woman. A true knight would have to study how to respect and esteem the woman, (in order to win the favour of the noble woman’s father) and would also have to be able to control his own desires and passions.

A knight and his lady on horseback

“Romantic love in the royal palace”, gradually became a “hardworking artform”, which was about how to be polite to a woman in public, how to raise their image, for instance, how even Louis XIV who was the King in reign, had to doff his hat in respect to women. 

These days in France, this “eager attention” towards women has been retained in the genes of French culture, which makes French men pay attention to politeness, humour, smiling, to free conversation, and these charming attributes are their source and origin. Ideas such as “Women have priority” is another commonly seen scene: When going in or out of a door or when selecting seating, or when moving luggage……

However today this traditional, and what seems excessively eager and attentive behaviour has already been lost. Activities such as kissing the hand, and eagerly opening doors especially for women, and paying the bills for women when eating with women….. only the French people have not given up this culture, and at least they are not willing to be indifferent when it comes to the situation of helping a Woman.

The art of being attentive, gradually transformed into being polite to women, added to which is being light-hearted and relaxed, with speech and movement bringing about a dynamic atmosphere, boldness, and showing of consideration, reserved and humorous nature which wraps a halo around his head. As for a woman, this is how she feels, and one can also call it romantic. A lot of the time I have found that French men are not only humorous, but they are more or less sensitive when it comes to art, not matter what specialty or discipline he is from, not matter whether he is in the department of science and engineering, they all pay close attention to romantic art, and many more or less can play one or two pieces on the guitar or piano, or have not bad photography skills, and live together as man and wife.

Paris, apart from being romantic and having such a rich artistic flavour, has also a very pronounced and strong literary flavour. The people of Paris still like to read books a lot, on both sides of the river Seine,  they have retained many traditional bookcase shops of blackish green colour.  Often, by the river, or in the parks, or in the Metro (subway) you can see Parisiens reading books. Combining Intellect and romance together makes this city even more charming!

The flavor of Paris’s literary atmosphere

One night, I found myself accidentally strolling past a famous bar street. Two tall handsome young men came and struck up a conversation with me whilst smiling. One of them was wearing a hat that goes with formal dress, with a professional camera by his side. The other was a seemingly very robust mixed Asian and Caucasian with straight hair which waved in the air, which added to his elegance.

“Hello! What are you looking for? Is there any way we can help?”

“Oh, thank you! It’s my first time visiting this place, are there any place you recommend?”

“Ok, let us take you for a stroll! Around here there is a bar that international students often visit called the “International”. Come with me!”


“Right, my name is Anthoine, I am a photographer His name is Saiwei, he is a backstage lighting expert. What is your name?”

“My name is Qiyu”

As they were saying this they took me to the bar.

From far away I could see that there were many people at the entrance.  Anthoine took his hat off and whilst smiling sort of jokingly made a very gentlemanly bow, and this made me feel the typical mood of romantic Paris, the art of being attentive to women had already merged at all times into the lives of the people of Paris, and as a result I also took part in that French tradition of fair maidens raising their skirts slightly and  lowering their posture, whilst also smiling in response.

After entering the bar, the two directly went to the bar and asked me what I would like to drink, and I replied that I don’t drink alcohol, and I would be happy with a tea or a natural fruit juice.

The two of them asked “Why don’t you drink alcohol, you should try it!”

“I have tried it, I don’t like the taste of it, and don’t like it! I don’t want the alcohol to destroy my memory. Moreover, when I am drunk, I am uninteresting, and don’t pay attention to anyone, I just want to sleep”


After which the two of them helped me ask the barman, but it turned out that there was no more tea, and there was no natural fruit juice. To which I replied, then I would be happy with milk. Everyone laughed, surprised at how someone would come to a bar, only to drink milk……. I didn’t pay the slightest amount attention to how everyone didn’t understand this and how they were laughing at me.

Anthoine was the one carrying the camera. At all times on the street he would take photos to seize the moment. These two were my new friends in Paris, and later they became friends  of mine for many years.

Both of them were skateboarders, and they would carry skateboards wherever they went, and Anthoine would often invite me to go skating or to watch them skate. Because I was always afraid of falling over, I could only watch them.

Skateboarding, which many young people enjoy doing in Paris.

Once, I attended their skateboard party gathering, which was held at a skatepark by the Canal, and a DJ was scratch mixing, and on the trees they had hung some shoes. In the skatepark below the trees, the youngsters were all energetically skating, jumping high up and down on their skateboards, doing exceedingly difficult movements. At the scene were many young people of different colours, who were harmoniously coexisting with each other in a friendly way. I suddenly noticed that the DJ’s t shirt had a design of an open third eye! I felt that it was very interesting, so I started talking to the DJ.

The DJ had dreadlock braids covering his head, and he introduced himself to me as “awakened”, and when talking to me he talked of many inspiring topics, talking of Babylon, the tower of Babel, the large banking groups, the Freemasons, high level spirits, why one should open the third eye and see the truth of things…… I started to discover, that he looked forward to waking up people through music.

Photo: The third eye according to legend

The young people of the West are very sensitive about Babylon and also dislike it. When it comes to the history of Babylon, perhaps their Asian friends don’t understand it. This DJ friend had introduced me to this idea. He opened his computer whilst demonstrating and also explaining.

“It is said that in ancient times, in Babylonia there was a despotic ruler called Nirmod, who built the tower of Babylon, which was exceedingly high, vainly attempting to make it reach the heavens. His natural disposition was very brutal and ruthless, and the common people suffered unspeakable misery. He even worshipped Satan, in order to control people even more, and he deified himself, and glorified himself as the Sun God. This Solar cult also believed that when Nimrod died, he would dictate the netherworld, that he would become lord of the netherworld, who is the black sun. In ancient Sumeria, during the Babylonian reign, Saturn, (which is pronounced in English as “Satan”), represents the black sun, and the black sun is the demon Satan, and Saturn is a synonym of the demon Satan, so when the Solar cult is worshipping the Sun Gond Nimrod, in actuality they are worshipping the demon Satan. They cruelly sacrifice small children. The Babylonian solar cult is spread secretly within secret religions and societies.”

Affer saying this he showed me a photo of some people who were worshipping Satan sacrificing a living person, and after seeing it I had an upset appetite.

I asked him “Are these people still people?” I said rather uncomfortably.

“It can be said that they are mouthpieces for the devil.” DJ “Awakened” said, and he continued to explain to me what Babylon was.

“Nimrod had a plan to enslave the whole world, which was a New World Order which was the basic model for the World government, a high degree totalitarian dictatorship system. This system has been silently developing to this day since ancient Babylon.”

“For the Babylonian solar cult to make Nimrod’s deathbed wish to become a reality, they had to 1) make people disbelieve in God, which is the origin of atheism, because the authority of God is higher than the government, (or the ruler), and the ruler would find it difficult to control those who believed in God. , 2) Make peoples morals corrupt to a point beyond the baseline, to degenerate, and hence depart far from the divine, because the further your morality degenerates, the further from the divine you become, 3) Set up an absolute totalitarian autocracy (World Government), and bring about the complete control of humanity of humankind, and this is called the atheist New World Order.”

When I heard this I was shocked: “Isn’t this the same as what Communism speaks about?”

“Awakened” opened his computer and continued to show me and said: “ Exactly! Famous historian, James H. Billington, Librarian of Congress, in a very rare instance pointed out the relationship between the worship of the solar cult and Communism, and how the idea Communism originates from secret societies. Because the origins of the ideology of Communism was originally spread in the secret solar cults, and outside of the secret societies very few people know of it. Professor Billington was also a member of a secret society, in other words, he was an insider of a secret society, and he knew this secret. Seeing this, doesn’t the true history of the world make everyone stumble and drop their spectacles? The so called socialism is a form of collectivism, and is the first stage of Communism; the extremes of collectivism (it’s highest form) is communism, and is the most “ideal” form of collectivism, where individuals all lose their personal property, lose their freedom, and become completely reliant on the government (namely that the people become completely controlled by the government), and the government plots to control people ; apart from the collectivism theory in economics, the collectivism in politics is when peoples thoughts are controlled by the government (the ruler). In other words, complete control. The inner circle of the Solar cult is basically Communism, and its final aim is to carry out ruling the world through Communism, bringing about complete control of humanity. To cheat people, and to mislead people, on the contrary they call this communism “Heaven on earth”. It is beclouding the mind with a lust for power where the ruler lives in heaven and the common people live in hell.”

James Hadley Billington

I said “ So that’s how it is, I’ve understood now that you’ve said it like this, by covering Totalitarianism with a certain ideology, embellishing it as some sort of ideal they are carrying it out openly and legally on a large scale.” I suddenly realised this point.

At this point Anthoine, whilst doing a variety of moves on his skateboard called me and said “ Qiyu, watch me doing this awesome move!”

Whilst saying this he flipped his skateboard…..

“Wow! Good heavens! That’s really amazing!” I couldn’t help but clap for Anthoine!

But very quickly my attention was brought back to the demonstration on the computer screen.

Then, “Awakened” showed me on his computer: One of Francis I, the Holy Roman Emperor’s younger brothers, Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine, (1712-1780 ).  Prince Charles Alexander had joined the secret society of the “Order of the Golden Fleece” and had become the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order. Charles Alexander of Lorraine was a very important leader in the European secret society, and knew deeply the secrets of the solar cult. In 1771 , Charles Alexander introduced Adam Weishaupt to join the secret society, and taught Weishaupt all the secrets of the solar cult. With the supervision of Charles Alexander, on the 1st of May 17767, Weishaupt founded the Order of the Illuminati in Germany.

“So that’s how the Illuminati came about! I often heard my young friends talk of the Illuminati, and I didn’t know that it had a predecessor!”

“The Illuminati used Marx to hypocritically complete the Communist ideology, his governmental program and guiding principle was to bring about a global Communist revolutionary movement. And Marx also joined Johanna Southcott, who was another member of a Satanic secret society. It was not as simple as most people who are brainwashed think that he was just a philosopher.”

“When Marx was 18, when he was in university, after he encountered a very occult and mysterious situation, he changed into fervent Satanism, and this can be seen in his poems of confession, and how his family referred to him (dear beloved devil, priest), his surrounding Satanist friends, his hairstyle, the way he prayed, the approval of his satanic son in law, and the satanic burial ground that he had selected etc. On the 10th of November 1837 he replied to his father saying, “ “A curtain was fallen, my holiest of holies was ripped apart, and new gods had to be set in their place. … A true unrest has taken mastery of me and I will not be able to calm the excited spirits until I am in your dear presence.” “Marx and Satan”.

After I heard this I couldn’t help but exclaim, “It really does shock people with wonder!” During this time Anthoine had already arrived by my side.

Although Anthoine is a son of a rich family, who has ¼ royal blood. However, he wasn’t like other sons of the rich who wouldn’t make friends with a black DJ. After he heard the DJ’s introduction, Anthoine said he couldn’t help but have many questions, for instance how we had all heard about the illuminati organization, and at the same time began to think about rethink the way current society is.

Photo: The energy of crystals

Anthoine would often invite me to his house, and in his house there were many crystal glasses and crystal adornments. Anthoine very generously brought them out for me to appreciate.  Thereupon I filled the crystal cups with different amounts of water, and started to play them like instruments. Anthoine felt it was very interesting how I performed music on these crystal cups,  and started also to also beat rhythms and makes sounds out of the water in the rock crystal cups, listening to the sounds he was making out of the cups……

Making rhythms and sounds on the rock crystal cups can help harmonize the human body and the magnetic field surrounding it. Anthoine and I discussed David R. Hawkins research into “Power vs. Force”. Hawkins had used apparatus to detect through testing the brains different frequencies emitted when thinking in different ways. He discovered that the frequencies for good and evil were different, that the frequencies of compassion thoughts were high, whilst evil thoughts were of lower frequency. Any vibrations at a frequency lower than 20,000 Hz would weaken the body, whereas a frequency between 200 to 1000 would strengthen the human body. Hawkins discovered that, being honest and true, sympathetic and understanding could strengthen a person’s willpower, and could change the vibration of the particles inside the human body, and improve the health of the human body.

Evil thoughts would lead to a lower frequency; when you think of mean or obscene evil thoughts, you are weakening yourself. Evil thoughts, or are cold and detached, full of regret, afraid and anxious and apprehensive, eager, angry and hateful, arrogant, these all harm you.

To have trust and confidence was in the middle at 250, so having trust is good for you. To be temperate, optimistic or hopeful, tolerant, with reason and understanding, expressing concern and love and respect, being happy and serene, tranquil and joyous was at 600, and enlightenment was measured at being between 700-1000.

1000, was named as the will power of God or spirit, and this was the frequency of absolute strength, or even greater than that. Jesus’ appearance in a village, made those around him feel in their hearts and minds that apart from Jesus there was nothing else.

If a person with cancer was relatively more optimistic, it would be easier to recover from the cancer.  

By using the rock crystal cups to confirm these frequencies and sounds, we discovered that what Hawkins had researched was very reasonable. Antoine had never let his other friends touch his parents invaluable rock crystal cups, but especially let me try them out. Afterwards he gave me a piece of rock crystal.

How I hope that in the human world people can have friendship and emotional feelings that are as clean and honest as rock crystal, whether it is towards family, someone you love, or for friendship. For me, this is true romance, and not some sort of external formality.

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