Eco Echo self-sufficient communities

Eco Echo self-sufficient communities

As the world is getting more and more problems, more and more pollutions for our mind and body, all thoes toxic and stressful mess up together. For solve all thoes problems. I’m raising money to build up Eco Echo self-sufficient communities which are to be no drugs, no alcohol, no smoking. Living in harmony with nature to purify the mind and body, in order to find our way back to our true selves by following the laws of the universe.

Forget the Babylon piramid style, Return to a stress less self-sufficient eco lifestyle, supporting one another by living in a community. Living in a balanced way with nature, gives human beings an opportunity to walk away from the stress and toxic pollution of the city. Natures blessing already offers us a lot as a supermarket and links us back to the true self.

The inspiration for this comes from ancient China , the harmony Jiugongtian community model. A plot of land divided into 9 pieces and shared with 8 person or 8 families. In the center is public land, where everyone works and learns to grow food first(or other projects), and after they work on their own land(own projects). It follows the universal law which is to serve others first, and at the same time everyone has their own land to be able to live independently; without depending on others or depends on Babylon to survive. It also gives enough privacy without disturbing each other. The school and other public services are built using the benefits from the public land. Children learn morality songs first before anything else in school, keeping the morality high in the whole community.

The Chinese symbol of Blessing and happiness 「福」Fu, has on the right side a plot of land [田/Tian] at the bottom, a mouth[口]in the middle and a roof on the top, as humans living in a house with its base on the land. On the left side is two hands offering something up to God. The whole symbol is saying people need to survive and live based on a piece of land, and offer what you get from your land to God, so that humans will receive blessing and happiness from heaven.

Unfortunately those communities have totally disappeared nowadays after the Communist party of China(CCP) took over the power. The first thing they did was take away all the land from people, the infamous land movement. The CCP did this so that people have nothing left, forced to depend on the regime and be under control of the dictatorship.

Eco echo is a good community model for humans looking for a way to live harmonic and peaceful lifestyles. It solve many problems nowadays…

All money will run by union peace association.

*Buy land.
*Build seeds camp and houses with green energy.

*A school and healing center in public area etc
*Temporary housing and living expenses for 4 month to a year to the workers to build the community.

*Rescue good people’s lives, such as Falundafa practitioners, Tibetan, Christian, HK youth, Uighur from China etc to the land.
*Unknown expenses for work on the public land.

We appreciate each donation!

100,000 euro donations will have a green energy house with garden around 200-300 square miter inside the community under your name;

50,000 euro donation will have 150 square meter green house under your name;

10,000 euro donation will have 100 square meter land with a teepees or dôme house under your name;

5,000 euro donation will have 50 square meter land under your name;

2500 euro donation will have 25 square meter land under your name;

1000 euro donation will have 10 square meter parking place under your name;

500 euro donation will have half year timeshare of 10 square meter parking area each year.

100 euro donation will have 2 weeks timeshare to stay for free as holiday each year of 10 square meter parking area.

We welcome any other kinds of donation and really appreciate all, will put your name into the hero board of the community entrance.

We appreciated your donation not only just suport go green and solve the society problems, also save life’s.

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