Mid-Autumn Moon-Magic — A Chinese Folk Tale

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The moon has been used through the ages for observing the seasons, cycles and time.  The Chinese calendar uses a lunar calendar.  The Mid-autumn Festival takes place on Friday 13 September. In Chinese folklore is permitted to make moon magic and “call the moon.”

There is nothing superstitious about this. It is a real phenomenon.

At 10 pm the night when is still and the moon is high, do the following: Use a flat disc-like plate and pour water in the back of the plate.  Place a mirror in the plate. The moon will appear in the mirror in the water. Continue to “call the moon.”

Mid-Autumn Fairy

 The moon’s reflection in the mirror will change color. 

It was said this tale was passed down from mother to daughter in the ’60s. When the moon appeared in the mirror it was no longer appeared the same.

The moon was split into 3 bright colors. One part was bright red, the other part was Saffire blue-green and the other part was yellow gold. 

The bright red took over half of the moon area and the Saffire blue-green a quarter and the yellow gold the other quarter. 

According to the tale, her mother told her that the bright red represents the red flag of the red communist party. The blue-green was the representative of the National People’s Party flag for the green party and the yellow-gold is of the Buddha.

That was around the time of the Cultural Revolution.

In 2009 the daughter of the mother called the moon but it had changed. The part that was bright red before had shrunk. The Saffire blue-green was the same but the golden yellow had expanded.

If one calls the moon during any other time when it is full moon one can’t “call the moon,” because it will just be a normal moon

The daughter left the country when her mother died and did not “call the moon” for a few years.

However, recently she remembered the tale, and decide to”call the moon during the mid-autumn festival. 

She saw the bright red gone (the Communist Party, that would mean there was no more space for the Communist Party to take over)

That part of the moon had changed to a healthy silver color. The golden yellow area was still expanding and getting bigger and bigger.

What does this mean?

Doesn’t it spell the end of the Party? One could say that, but it doesn’t mean the end of China … on the contrary.

Who is the Buddha? Could be the Falun Gong? A practice of cultivation based on the Buddha school.  More than 100 million people in the world even in Africa are practicing the Buddhist principles of Truthfulness Compassion and Tolerance.

Morals are rising again in society thanks to the spread of Compassion, people are showing kindness in the face of evil. The golden yellow is spreading all over the world that’s why its area is wide open.

The precious Chinese people of 5000 years of great cultural richness have been poisoned by the CCP ideology.

After 20 years of unprecedented persecution the peacefull spiritual group is showing the world the true face of the CCP. 

The end of the Red Party is approaching. Chinese people know in their hearts they have been deceived into thinking the CCP can preserve their lives. there is a saying that means: No-one dares to take your life and make a joke out of you.

Do not miss this chance to Quit the party.

The precious glory of the original culture of China is going to bring great prosperity and happiness to the Chinese people and to the people of the world!

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