In regards to the relationship between the sun god worshiping Satan and communism:

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Nimrod, the tyrant worships Satan, in order, to better control people and prevent people from believing in God. He deified himself as the sun god, so his followers regarded him as the sun god.

Nimrod married his mother, “Semiramis,” as his wife. According to historic records, Nimrod ascended to a star in the sky after his death; the light shot hit on his wife and she became pregnant and gave birth to their son, Tammuz. Tammuz became to be regarded as the reincarnation of Nimrod, who was born on December 25 and is revered as the sun god. After Nimrod died, his so-called “mother and wife” proclaimed a doctrine of Nimrod becaming a god after his death. She testified that a mature evergreen tree grew from a dead trunk overnight—this symbolized the new life of the dead Nimrod.

Every year when it was time to commemorate Nimrod’s birthday, she declared that Nimrod would come to the evergreen tree and leave gifts around it. This is also paved the way to the Christmas tree celebration later on after the king of Roman Empire mix thoes two celebration together . This secret sun religion was celebrated on this famous birthdate of Nimrod hundreds of years before the birth of Christ. People celebrated the birthday of Tammuzs with banquets, feasting, and drunkenness. The ancient Greek writer and historian Ryuzen (in his dialogue with “The Saturnaria”) described the ceremony of this festival. Beside human sacrifices, he also mentioned other customs—large-scale alcoholism; visiting naked while singing; random rape acts and sexual behavior; and eating humanoid biscuits (today, in British and German bakeries, Christmas Season still launches such cookies). After the Roman emperors incorporated paganism into Christianity to facilitate their political control, he set Jesus’ birthday celebrated on the same day as the pagan’s holiday, December 25th. But Christians were not able to change any content of pagan and Christmas pagan-like celebrations.

Saturn sacrifices live babies

This secret sun religion teaches Nimrod to be the god of the sun. At the same time, he believes that Nimrod will dominate the underworld after death. He is Pluto and the black sun. In the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian times, Saturn (pronounced in English as Satan) represented the black sun. The black sun was also synonymous with the devil Satan, and Saturn was also synonymous with the devil Satan. Therefore, the sun religion worships Nimrod, the sun god, who bows down to the devil, Satan. The Babylonian Sun Religion is circulated in secret societies and secret religions. It is also called the secret religion of Babylon.

This secret Babylonian religion (Sun Sect) wants to fulfill Nimrod’s last wish:

(1) Let people don’t believe in gods. This is the origin of atheism, because god’s authority is higher than government (or ruler), and tyrant rulers cannot control those who believe in gods.

(2) Let people degenerate and degenerate without a bottom line, and thus stay away from God, because the more corrupt the morals, the further away from God.

(3) The establishment of an absolute dictatorship of the world government (One World Government), to achieve all-round absolutes for mankind to be controlled—this is also called the new world order without gods.

Now people have discovered that the secret Mithraism has seven levels (Babylon Tower is also seven levels). The seven levels of Mithraism are:

1, The first level: Raven, the protector of Mercury (Mercury)
2, The second level: the bride (Bride), the protector is Venus (Venus).
3, The third level: Soldier (Soldier), the protector is Mars (Mars)
4, The fourth level: Lion (Lion), the protector is Jupiter (Jupiter)
5, The fifth level: Persian (Persian), the protection god is the Moon (Moon)
6, The sixth level: Sun Runner (Sun Runner), the protector is “Sol Invictus” (Sol Invictus)
7, Seventh level: Godfather (Father), the protector is Saturn (Saturn)

Plan of the mithraeum. / From Gordon 1976, fig. 1.  The representation of the zodiacal signs has been conventionalized.
The Mithraeum of the Seven Spheres seems to have been excavated for the first time by Petrini, in the years 1802-1804. Four inscriptions were found then

From these levels, we can see that the sixth level believes in the sun, but the highest seventh level believes in Saturn (black sun). This also shows that the sun god who believes in Mithraism is actually a complex, not just simply worshiping the sun. In Persia, Mithra is a complex of yin and yang, male and female; it is generally represented as a female, because the status of Persian women is relatively high. After being spread to Rome, this Mithra is generally represented as a male because of the relatively high status of Roman men.

James Hadley Billington

The famous historian and current director of the Library of Congress in the United States, James H. Billington, Librarian of Congress, rarely pointed out the relationship between the sun god worship and communism. The idea of ​​communism comes from such sun god sect secret societies. Because the origin of the communist ideology has only been circulated in their secret society of the Sun Sect, few people outside the secret society know. Dr. Billington is also a member of the secret society; in other words, he is an insider of the secret society and knows this secret. Socialism is a form of collectivism and the initial stage of communism; the extreme (highest form) of collectivism is communism, which is the most “ideal” collectivism—if individuals lose their property and freedom, they are completely dependent The government (that is, people are completely controlled by the government) controls people by controlling their livelihoods; in addition to economic collectivism, political collectivism means that ideas are controlled by the government (ruler)—this is all-round completely control. The most critical and core thing of the Sun Sect is communism, and ultimately communism is promoted throughout the world to rule the world and exercise absolute control over mankind. In order to deceive and confuse people, they call this communism “paradise on earth.” It is a heaven for rulers who desire power and a hell for the common people.

Late 4th-century Sasanian relief of Mithra

There was also a sun god in Sumer before Babylon, called the “rising sun god” named I’m. Later, it merged with the Babylonian “sun god” Nimrod. The Persian Empire also had its own sun god, Mithra. Later, the Persian sun god, Mithra was assimilated by the Babylonian Sun Cult. Therefore, Shamash-Nemrod-Mithra figures all represent the same “Sun god”.

The Roman imperial royal family believed in Mithra, the Persian sun god, as the “invincible sun god” (Sol Invictus) of the Roman royal family. Thus, Mithraism, the Sun religion of Persia, became the Imperial Roman Sun Cult of the Roman Empire. A younger brother of Francis I (Holy Roman Emperor) was Prince Charles (Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine, 1712~1780). Prince Charles joined the Order of the Golden Fleece and became the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order (Grand Master of the Teutonic Order). Prince Charles is a very important leader of the European secret society, and he knows the secrets of the Sun Sect. Prince Charles introduced Adam Weishaupt to the secret society around 1771 and told all the secrets of the Sun Sect to Weishaupt. Under the guidance of Prince Charles, on May 1, 1776, Weishaupt established an extremely secret organization in Germany-the Order of Illuminati (also translated as “Illuminati”). They hired Karl Marx to perfect the theory of communism with hypocrisy. The political program was to fully realize and promote the world communist revolutionary movement around the world.

Coin of Emperor Probus, circa 280, with Sol Invictus riding a quadriga, with legend SOLI INVICTO
, “to the Unconquered Sun”. Note how the Emperor (on the left) wears a radiated solar crown, worn also by the god (to the right).
Repoussé silver disc of Sol Invictus, Roman, 3rd century, found at Pessinus (British Museum)

With the spread of the Sun Sect, its ideology has also been secretly spread—that is, the establishment of a world government and the use of a communist authoritarian system to rule the world.

Mao let people describe himself as red sun from the east mountain

As early as the beginning of the Roman Empire, the famous Roman poet Virgil (70–19 BC) mentioned the new world order in his poem. (What people called the new world order—this concept has existed two thousand years ago. In the east, Mao is being selected and suport by the branch of Illuminati, the skull bones sect from Yale . Mao bring the Communism to China, and let people describe himself as red sun from the east mountain. And the new leader Xijinping being describe as the red sun of the whole world revolution. In recent years, the CCP has been promoting the “Belt and Road” initiative and proposed the establishment of a new world order for socialism/communism . (its root in the world comes from the Sun Sect and its purpose is to enslave and destroy mankind).

The new leader Xijinping being describe as the red sun of the whole world revolution

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