A World-Within-A-World Mega-Botanical Garden Mall In Dubai

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Dubai has unveiled it’s nature-inspired  $2 billion tech-driven mega-mall. Built around a 200,000 square-focal garden is dubbed “Central Park,” The theme is green and Cityland Group plans to create a botanical experience of a lifetime. 

According to CNN Fahimuddin Sharfuddin, CEO of Cityland Group said, “it extends throughout the complex, with tree-lined interior walkways and living “green walls” positioned in the main thoroughfare.”

There are trees in the passages. Streams and islands, rare trees and flower gardens for visitors to enjoy.  Even businesses around the green space will accommodate a second layer of trees and gardens on their rooftops.

The CEO emphasized that as the commitment to green it will also entail a raft of eco-friendly features. The gardens will be irrigated with treated recycled water and stormwater will also be collected.

Cityland Mall will open next to Global Village and hopes to would benefit the area which is close to new, developing neighborhoods.

“The skylights and facades are made from highly energy efficient glass which has reduced running power costs,” says Sharfuddin. “A large area on the roof of the building accommodates photovoltaic solar panels.”


Fashion chains Matalan, Riva Fashion, and Turkish store Ipekyol have confirmed to grace the mall with their world-class goods.

VOX cinemas will have a 10-screen movie theater.

An open-air, expansive and uniquely conceptualized garden will sit at the heart of Cityland Mall as its exclusive and central attraction.The 200,000 sq.ft. of landscaped park is reminiscent of Dubai Miracle Garden, and will provide a glimpse of nature’s rich biodiversity through an array of exciting activities and green units, such as: a 3,000 seat and a children’s amphitheater, 360-degree rooftop garden, Japanese garden, ancient tree garden, mini water park, and a miniature version of Miracle Garden amongst others.

But for all its grandeur the mall will still face stiff competition, especially from Meydan One Mall’s Crystal Lagoon that has a ski slope and 500 meters of beaches and a water park and a 380-meter-long dancing fountain.



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