3 Top Methods To Cure Illnesses, Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Qigong, Which One Will You Choose?

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It’s a fact of life. All people get sick from time to time. It’s not pleasant, therefore, keeping healthy and fit is important. However, no matter how healthy and fit we are we can’t avoid getting ill. Therefore we need doctors, pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals. But actually, there are three main ways to prevent or treat illnesses. Besides Western medicine,(including health and fitness), there is Chinese herbal medicine and Qigong.

Edward Anthony Jenner, 1749 – 1823, was a famous English doctor.  His discovery has eradicated the dreaded disease of smallpox and saved more lives than the work of any other doctor.

Western medicine is currently the primary, or the most popular method of the three, to treat illnesses. Western medicine consists of a set of clinical theories and a suite of treatment strategies ranging from injections, pills, surgery, radiation therapy, etc.

By treating the symptoms, Western medicine offers direct and sometimes mechanical treatments to treat a patient. For example, fever meets with antipyretics, inflammation with antibiotics, and a tumor often with surgery. These methods of treating illnesses are very effective.

Chinese Medicine also takes the direct cause-response approach like that of Western medicine, but in Chinese medicine diagnosis, it views the human body as an integrated system, using traditional knowledge such as the Meridian system, of energy channels, etc.

With a systemic and integral understanding of human health, doctors of Chinese medicine highlight variables that include living in harmony with the environment, and the relationship between mind and body.

Bianque mastered Mr. Changsang’s diagnosis method and treatment techniques and became the most famous doctor in his time, and was an outstanding representative of medical experts in the Pre-Qin Periods (before 221BC). He could diagnose diseases accurately, cure patients miraculously and bring the dying back to life. As a result, people respected him as a legendary miracle doctor and simply called him Bianque.

A female college professor, whose menstruation suddenly stopped went to see Western medicine doctors many times. The doctors considered it a gynecological problem and prescribed a number of different medicines. But the treatments did not work. Later, someone recommended to her an experienced doctor of Chinese medicine. After examination, this doctor attributed her malaise to the inadequate blood supply to her stomach. He prescribed Chinese medicine and it worked immediately.

This may appear unusual—that the cause of a gynecological symptom could be found in a stomach issue. But from this, we can see how a doctor of Chinese medicine with a deeper level of understanding health and illness of the human body can provide an alternative remedy with a successful outcome.

For example, physicians of Chinese medicine see that strong emotions, such as anger can cause liver damage, while panic damages the kidneys, etc.

Therefore, effective prevention and treatment of illnesses involve not only medicine but also self-adjustment, ranging from controlling mood swings and a bad temper to choosing a balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

Classical Tai Chi

The system of Qigong or the cultivation of mind (meditation) and body exercises) is a modern term, for an ancient practice with a history of thousands of years. Qigong involves movements or a type of exercise that regulates Qi. Energy/breath)

A deeper understanding, however, indicates that illness has its roots in something called karma.

When neither Western medicine nor Chinese medicine works some people with illnesses look to Qigong. But, to truly cure illnesses, it must be transformed or dissolved at the root. If the root is rotten the whole body will be ill.

Therefore Qigong aims to dissolve the cause which it claims to be karmic. As all things in the universe are alive so is karma.

The 5 sets of Falun Gong Exercises

The most accessible and effective system of Qigong is Falun Gong. It was brought to the public by Mr. Li Hongzhi in 1993. It’s free to learn and has over 200 million practitioners worldwide.

Good or bad karma was created throughout one’s life, and even further back and may involve one’s ancestors. Therefore, to fundamentally cure an illness, one needs to eliminate, or more accurately, pay off these karmic debts, or past misdemeanors.

In addition, to the exercises which suited to all ages and beliefs, one is required to improve one’s character and to be benevolent and truthful, as well as tolerant. These three virtues provide the most fundamental way to cure illnesses.

There was a medical case in Taiwan where a middle-aged woman had breast cancer with ulcerations. After she began practicing meditation she saw in her mind’s eye some sentient beings were looking with a deep hatred. She thought at first it was her imagination but the feeling of hate was so strong it made her look deeper within her mind and heart. She remembered that she had caused them pain in the past. In order to settle the debt, they were pouring their pain into her and it showed up as an illness here in this physical dimension. She realized that if one owes something to someone, it has to be paid back. The woman started to change her temper and learned to be kind towards all beings. Her illness cured and the “debt” was settled.

Falun Gong’s 3 Universal principles

A medical doctor who lives in the U.S. He studied Chinese medicine in China, Western medicine in the U.S., and later began to practice Falun Gong.

After leaving the hospital, he opened a private clinic. His charge for each patient is as follows: Western medicine, $200; Chinese medicine, $100; and teaching Falun Gong exercises, $0.

When asked why these three prices, he replied, “If you come for a treatment using Western medicine, I have to be fully responsible for your health, so I charge full price. If you come for a treatment with Chinese medicine, I take only half of the responsibility, since the other half comes from your own actions—whether you can follow a good lifestyle that I recommend for you

. If you begin to learn Falun Gong, however, you will be able to take care of your health yourself, so I will help you for free.”

From this example, we can see three levels of treatment. If you truly want long-term health, which one do you think is ultimately the best for humankind?


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