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Chinese World Dominion? “NO WAY!” says Top US Commander in Japan

The Chinese Communist Party has signed the Sino-American phase one agreement in a bid to buy time to speed up special strategies.

President Trump and Primer Xi Jinping

Although the US and China signed the first phase agreement, the Chinese government has not stopped accelerating the nationalization of high-tech civil enterprises. It’s ready to fight against the US in the long run. The American side also knows this well. US Army Commander in Japan, Kevin Schneider said the biggest challenge for the US and Japan comes from the Chinese Communist Party.

The Chinese Communist Party is continuing to nationalize a number of strategic tech companies through preparation for the future in a US-China Technology war. China had 44 homes last year with a market value of $36000 billion “nationalized.”

The CCP has selected high-tech workers of strategic importance nationalizing them to keep in the wings while preparing to fight the US in a long term battle against Trump’s government tariffs, embargoes, and other punitive measures.

However, Beijing’s practice of nationalizing listed companies could become potential roadblocks in the second phase of negotiations on tough issues such as government subsidies.

In 2019, China’s 165 listed companies changed hands, an increase of about 60% compared to last year. Forty-four listed companies were acquired by State-owned enterprises or government investment companies. Many of them acquired technology by Chinese State-owned enterprises or government investment companies and many of them were acquired for monitoring and information systems, such as strategic industries.

Among the 44 Chinese companies, the largest market value of $2300 billion was acquired by China’s state development investment company last July.

Yingfei, a renowned Chinese Surveillance System Businessman was acquired by Shenzhen City investment Company; the Online Video Surveillance Platform, East network was acquired by Sichuan Government investment company; Lithium-Ion battery Operator Shenshen won technology by Chinese State-owned enterprises. Shanghai electric groups acquired China’s artificial intelligence software provider Far Light Software which largely controls people belonging to the State-owned “National Power-grid.”

Commander of the US military in Japan said the CCP wants to take control of the first and second chain of islands with the intention of world dominion.

January 16 marked the 60th anniversary of the amendment to the US-Japan Security Treaty. Japanese electronic news editions featured an exclusive interview with US army Commander Kevin Schneider. Schneider said the biggest challenge facing the US and Japan for the region and the world is coming from the CCP. It wants to control from inside of the first chain but also the second island chain. In the end, it wants to remove the US Alliance in the Indian Pacific, because the CCP wants world dominion. The expansion of the CCP is trying to gain offensive capability and at the same time, it also wants to play it influence and rewrite an international order.

US Military has released the latest model of special warfare deployment which can quickly dismantle the CCP’s offensive while arching Taiwan. Recently US army Secretary Ryan Mc Carthy unveiled the lastest special operations deployment plan in the Pacific saying”, “Multifield Task Force” is expected to be deployed over the next 2 years.

Mc Carthy made it clear that the army is reinvigorated to deploy in the Pacific because of the military threat of the CCP. “Multifield Mission troops”will not be all in one place, its headquarter can be in japan or in Chikaku Islands. Diaoyutai Lantau is also likely to be deployed on islands on the east side of the Philippines and Taiwan.

These regions are actually surrounded by Taiwan from the North, East and South clearly show how the determination of the US military Association to defend Taiwan and their readiness to fight CCP military operations against Taiwan.

If the Chinese Communist Party launched an attack on Taiwan provoking conflict, Taiwan’s army’s long-range attack weapons will immediately retaliate with the cooperation of space electronic and cyber forces destroying Chinese Navy ships such as aircraft carriers, cruisers, and ships.

It would also attack rocket military bases on the mainland eliminating its ability to attack Taiwan and US military bases. Taiwan’s army would possibly attack the airbases and the Chinese Communist Party’s coastal airbases.

Lastest data, reveals 1750 US nuclear warheads remain in deployment, 400 of them are land-based intercontinental missiles, 900 are deployed on ballistic missile nuclear submarines and 300 at US bombers base, including 150 more tactical nuclear bombs at European base.

Another 2050 nuclear weapons are in stock.

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