Wild Dog Escapes the Jaws of Death with a Sly Tactic and “A Little Help From it’s Freinds”

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A wild dog in Zimbabwe escaped by the skin of his teeth from becoming a lioness ‘s dinner. It was an ingenious escape tactic that occurred just as the hungry feline thought she had her dinner in the bag!

In Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe’s largest nature reserve, video footage left tourists gasping for air while an African painted dog hung from the jaws of a lioness.

According to the famous site called Kruger Sightings, in the video, the dog was dining on an antelope with its pack when the lioness threatened.

“In the flash of a moment, she pounced and managed to grab one of the dogs, the lioness held onto the wild dog for a long time, which seemed lifeless in her grip, and many already believed it was already dead, as it stayed completely still.”

In front of the surprised tourist’s eyes, some of whom were feeling rather sad about the fate of the painted dog, another member of the pack advanced towards the lioness.

The lioness promptly dropped her prey. Defending herself and her newly caught meal the ferocious feline moved forward stealthy intending to attack the meddler.

Suddenly in an unexpected turn of events, the “dead” dog sprang back to life.

The Queen of the jungle could only watch in dismay as “her “dinner came alive” and ran away as fast as his legs could carry him.

Since the video was posted it had since the video has been viewed more than 2.2 million times. (Kruger Sightings has confirmed both pups survived the encounter.)

African painted dogs, or Hyenas are also known as Cape hunting dogs, and painted wolves. They are technically neither dogs nor wolves.

With their mottled coats, long front legs and large rounded ears (which help them pick up even the faintest of sounds)  they are formidable killers in their own right.

Watch the “great escape” here :

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