Bubbles in the trees: the ultimate romantic experience?

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By Sandra

Who has never dreamed of taking his half to live a unique experience in a romantic, comfortable, unusual, isolated, like a love bubble lost in the forest? Look no further, we have found the rare pearl, the ideal place, far from the crowd, the noise, and all the others.
Lost in this new sensory experience, you will have no option but to enjoy.


The night in a bubble
Approach slowly, let yourself be overwhelmed by the excitement of the novelty, the enchantment of the omnipresent nature, and at the bend of a path, discover your bubble placed on a wooden deck overlooking lush vegetation.
The bubble is spacious, beautiful, transparent. In your bed, warm under the duvet, you sleep under the stars, cut off from the world. Only the sounds of nature come to you, and the only curious you will be able to see that night, will be the animals of the domain; the cicadas will sing for you all summer, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see a fox come say hello.

The domain of the bubbles of the woods has three bubbles; the benevolent, the cuddly and the savage. All three have a beautiful private terrace, a real bathroom with toilet and shower, a coffee table and two chairs to dine or enjoy a drink, and the beautiful bubble cut from view and the world.

© Bubbles of the Woods

Outdoor Balinese Bathtub of the Wild Bubble

A field of tree species from around the world
This is the story of a magnificent estate, surrounded by centuries-old tree species, some of which come from the end of the world, the story of a nature lover who wants to share his passion with others and offer them a dream night, a night of love in one of the most romantic, wild and wonderful places in the South of France.
The former owner was a great traveler, and used to come back to France with a few shoots of trees or plants. He planted them and diversified his domain. Floriane and Sylvain, the new residents, in turn enrich the ownership of plant species from their own travels.
Today there are plant species from the South of France, but also from Bali, Central America or elsewhere.

Spa and romantic massage for two
Come and pamper yourself in the Spa at your disposal on the estate.
A large Jacuzzi placed under a beautiful wooden frame and surrounded by original stones give this place warmth and tranquility.
Privatize this place just for you two, the time to relax before enjoying your terrace. The night in a bubble includes a 30 minute Spa session.
Do you want more ? Book the services of a professional masseuse: Balinese or Ayurvedic wellness and relaxation massage, harmonize your body with the zen and relaxing atmosphere of the estate.

The private concert under the oaks
Do you love classical music and dream of a private concert? It’s possible to the Bubbles des Bois. Laurent, pianist of Cuges-les-Pins and friends of the owners of the estate, proposes to play for you in a decor as breathtaking as exceptional
He will leave his grand piano along the limestone wall, below your terrace. His music will resonate in this private circus to play only for you. Have you ever dreamed more romantic?

Champagne tasting and gourmet plate
You are now settled near your bubble, have enjoyed a relaxing massage, and are sitting on your terrace listening to a classical music concert.
Why not give in to the latest temptation of your romantic evening? Sylvain offers a 100 local wine list (Bandol, Cassis, Aix-en-Provence), and a white Champagne champagne tasting of Jacques Lassaigne whites. To not be pissed off right away and enjoy the delights of the night to come, order the greedy plate or mishmash of fruits.

© Bubbles of the Woods
I managed to convince you? So much the better, because in addition to having an extraordinary place, Sylvain, your host has the sense of welcome and sharing, and only wants to please you. It would be a shame to miss a wonderful moment?

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