I Met the Virus, He Told Me His Plan

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A few weeks ago, the virus crossed the Pacific Ocean and reached my city on a large scale. Many people became ill and many lives were lost. A huge shadow enveloped the previously beautiful and carefree city.

I saw the incarnation of the virus. It is a red devil, wearing its new red crown, sneering over the city, it is planning a larger-scale meat feast.

But right now it looks human and innocent. It said, “I came here just to make people live happier lives! You must have seen it: In China, people are feeling so happy and safe because of me, right?”

I said, “How can that happen? People are just scared by you, who will be happy because of you?”

The virus looked at me, mocking and with disdain: “What you see is just the surface. In fact, people are grateful to me, and even they love me!”

Looking at my unbelieving eyes, the virus continued, “You see, the mortality rate is less than 5%, so only a handful of people die. For 70 years, time and time again, always a large group of people fights a small group of people. There are more killed and disabled than this. Haven’t they given thanks and said things are great? ”

The virus went on to say: “Moreover, I just let a small number of people die physically, and didn’t blame them for anything, right? When they left, they only suffered a little bit of physical pain. Compared to the 70-year-old organization that made all the people painful both spiritually and physically, am I very kind? ”

I actually thought it seemed to make sense, and was speechless.

The virus saw my “understanding” and continued to play: “You see, I am now moving from China to the world. How many Chinese people applaud me, and delight in their hearts, and how many people feel great patriotic happiness because of me?”

I rejected and said, “They are just being fooled by the propaganda, that doesn’t mean they really love you.”

The virus widely opened its eyes and said, “You are wrong. What is true love? True love depends on actual action. I was born under the Chinese system and grew stronger under the Chinese system. Look at them, they will praise and be grateful for the system even more. By doing so, they expanded my hotbed and made it more comfortable. Now you say, don’t they really love me? ”

I couldn’t even refute what the virus said, because that’s exactly what is happening now.

I thought about this city in distress, and asked, “Why do you come here and do harm to the world? You know, people here will not be grateful to you.”

The virus smiled proudly. “That’s why I came to the world. I still lack the soil to provide me with nutrition. I can only come for a blitz now and cannot stay long. I do this to make more countries believe that they must copy the model of China, treating China as a teacher, learning about China ’s system, which we call “the common community of human destiny’. If that happens, I can stay in the world forever.

When I heard the virus talking about China in such a tone, I couldn’t help saying to myself, “China, China, that is the 5,000-year-old Divine Land that I loved.”

The virus interrupted me dismissively: “Don’t mention that 5,000 years anymore, that has been broken since 1949, and now China is mine. When my plan is realized, the world will belong to me.”

I felt that the situation was more serious than what is happening now, and I couldn’t help worrying about it.

Seeing my look, the virus became more proud, smirking, and the blood redness on its face became heavier. It said, “Look, you are scared now. I might as well tell you my ultimate plan.”

“Now people say that the first half is in China and the second half is in the world. That’s wrong! My action is three waves. The next wave is more powerful than the previous one. The first wave is the SARS virus. The second wave is what you see now. When it’s time for the third wave, I will not restrain myself anymore, more deadly viruses will appear, and any human protection measures will be too late for the third wave. ”

“When the third wave comes, it will no longer only target a handful. I will take away all those who side with me and be grateful to me. I will take them to another world. It is almost time to harvest. Only they can truly be my people, they will always belong to me, this day is coming, hahaha … ”

Amidst the harsh laughter, the red devil faded away. I know that many people need to be woken up, the sooner the better.

Source: https://www.secretchina.com/news/gb/2020/03/21/926997.html

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