Some understandings about Karmic Retribution

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Some understandings about karmic retribution


Both in Occidental culture and the Asiatic culture, since ancient times, there was the principle of karmic retribution – a punishement or a reward granted by Heaven. With other words, the deeds that they commit in life, echoes in eternity, and are rewarded in kind, even by the Divine Beings. While the bad deeds are punished with sufferings, hardships and karmic diseases, the good deeds are blessed with blessings, virtues and other wordly riches.

It is also believed, both in Occidental culture and Asiatic, that the spirit of the people who can do too much harm can end up, after death, in Heaven, a World free of suffering, or in Hell, a underworld full of sufferings.

These concepts are found in Falun Dafa, a qigong practice based on Truthfulness, Compasion, Tolerance, in ancient Buddhims, Ancient Greek Culture, and Christianity.

It is also said that the body of a persons contains two matters, one white and one black – virtue and karma – which are transformed while a persons does good deeds, endures hardships or bad deeds. There also exists the belief that a person can go to ruin if he only do bad deeds in his life or have a briliant future if he tooks the path of cultivation practice.

Also, there exists the principle of long term karmic retribution, which happens over time, and instant karmic retribution, which takes places after a short period of time a person does a bad deed. Maybe it stumbled to you that once you did something bad, and imediatly after you walk out the door to stumble or receive a bad news, or something else of that kind, to ask yourselved ”what did I do wrong to deserve this”.

To be honest, if I would be you, I would think how to do more good and less evil, because most of the things we bear with us could have come from another life.

From now on I will list some examples of bad and good karmic retribution, cited from Epoch Times New York.
1. Ron Poirier was an electrician of american marine and in the years of 1970 was stationed in the camp Lejeune of North Carolina. Following the orders that he received, he trowed hundreds of galons of toxical substances in the water from the nearby area, which ended in the drinking water of local population.

Many of the marines soldiers and local rezidents from the area got sick of a series of grave diseases, which was believed to be caused by those toxins. In the year of 2013, Poirer died of cancer, one of the diseases born in the regions, as a result of the chemicals born dumped in the region. Before his death, he declared for Associated Press that he feels that his disease was a karmic retribution of his bad deed.

”When the judgement day comes, you know. I hope that all those people who suffered… he realized that I didn`t knew what I was doing”, said Poirier.

2. In the year of 2013, a man from Bogota, Columbia, stoled the phone of a women who waited in the bus station. After he stole the phone from the womens hand, he did few more steps and was hit by a bus. The whole incident was surprised by a video camera, and broadcasted by BBC. It may look like a simple coincidence but I invite you to take a look at the video.

3. Li Shaoju, 57 years old at that time, was the chief of law implementation from the Dalian city, China. Over the lifetime of his carrier, he implemented the orders of his superiors persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.
Li Shaoju participated at arrests, execution, deductions and tortures against Falun Gong practitioners in the area which was under his responsability. Such harsh treatments are frecvently meet against Falun Gong practioners in continental China since the month july of year 1.999. Many times, because of propaganda promoted by the Comunist Party of China, many of his officials end up in grave situations, which they regret after they see the deceit they endure.

On the day 9 february, in the time of a political meeting of the bureau of law implementations, he shaked with nervosity, cursing Falun Gong with all his lungs. Suddenly, Li Shaoju fell on the table and died. Doctors said he suffered a brain hemorage. But Falun Gong practitioners thought that this was instant karmic retribution against them.

So, in a way or another, there also exist positive karmic retribution. Some say that the person is lucky, blessed, or that the Gods are on his side. With other words his life is more shiny, but many of the good things that happens to them can not be detected at the first side. Forward I will present two examples of persons that appear to be ”lucky”.

1 . Everything for the kids, right ?

One day, the kid together with his father went to the Wal Mart to buy a new console game. In the front of the check house, there was a women who looked kinda pissed. Her credit card was refused and he tried to buy powered milk for her baby. The kid, fascinated by the babies, went to the women and started to talk about the little kid.

After that, the kid left the video game, and offered his money to the women, saying ”your baby needs this food more then I do the of the game ”Plants vs. Zombies”. Of course, his fathers heart growed up when he heard that, and he bought the game for his son.

On the way to the supermarket, the lady got close to the two and offered the kid a envelope, telling his to open up when he gets home. Once at home, in the envelope the father and the son found a 100 dolar bill and a paper on which was wrriten.
Acestea au fost relatate de un utilizator al Reddit pe nume Jeffrey Glen.

Offering when it seems that you have nothing left to give, may bring to a better place at the end.

”At a point in my life I was selling furniture (and I was not good at this). It was a though period from my life when I was making 1.000 dollars (that was 10 years ago) and after I paid the rent and the bills I had there was nothing left for me. There was a period when I didn`t eaten for a few days because I couldn`t afford to eat that much.

Anyway, one day I tried to sell my furniture but I was selling nothing. It get close to the end of the day and I didn`t made a buck (and my profit came from my commission. An old couple entered the shop and started to look at the TV stands. All the sellers avoided them because they knew that it will take very much until they would get to buy something with theirs 100 dollars and they commission was only two dollars.

I looked at them and thought… if I can sell something today, at leas I would not leave home empty handed and maybe my luck will get better afterwards. The old couple got to buy stands of warderobe (a commission of six bucks) but they asked for the stands to be put together. There was a service which I could guide them with (but that will cost)… dar am spus ”eu termin la 21:00, if you pick me up, I will came to put the stands of wardrobe for you for free”. They accepted this offer, paid for the furniture and then left.

The other sellers laughed at me. They even laughed at me even when my schedule finished and I didn`t sold anything. Anyway, the old couple came promply at 21:00 o`clock.
When I got to their beatifull apartment… I could smell the food on the fire and I tried to ignore it (at that point in time, I didn`t had anything to eat for three days). I worked for three straight hours.

The old women caught my hand and took me to the chicken. He offered me a seat and brought me a plate of beef stake. It was better then any money. I was so grateful and satisfacatory, that I had to hold my tears while eating the house food that they prepared.

After I went home, the lady gave me an envelope. I didn`t opened, I just thanked her. I gladly went home to my apartament knowing that I will sleep with my full belly in that night and that I could eat in the next few days. I felt wonderfull. After I opened my envelope inside it was and thanking card. Inside it there was 100 dollars. I cried…

After this, the rest period my selling off furniture, I ran away to help those that nobody wanted to help. I changed my orientation from getting big sales, to getting the smaller ones that nobody cared about and this helped me up until I got a well paid job.

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