Heavenly Books Past And Present

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People have been looking for books that could reveal the mysteries of the creation since ancient times. Whosoever owned such books may obtain supernormal powers, achieve happiness and success in life.

In ancient China, Taihao, (4354 B.C. – 4239 B.C.,) is known to be of the earliest rulers of the Chinese people. He is believed to a demigod. Taihao was presented with Hetu and Luoshu, which are ancient prophecy diagrams. “These are divine books,” he said, which means they are mysterious and profound.

The I Ching or Book of Changes, an ancient book from prehistory is also believed able to act as a divine oracle. The book can guide people to an understanding of the changes in our cosmic system and how it plays out in our lives on earth.

There are also are religious books.

Such books with complex and spiritual symbolism were called “divine books.”

Several ancient books on Chinese Medicine, such as Inner and Outer Canon of the Yellow EmperorInner and Outer Canon of Bian Que are considered to fall in this category.

Ancient Chinese Medicine Books

Some ancient scriptures were lost over the long course of time. However, we are continually rediscovering ourselves. We are constantly making inroads to the truth of our origins.

Other cultures, especially the early myths and legends tales of the world, mention books that were lost and are considered to be divine.

According to a Swahili myth in Africa, a divine being created a tablet that contains a complete and detailed description of all the events that has ever taken place in the history of creation. It also contains the entire future of the universe. The tablet is said to carry all of the divine being’s wisdom and all of his commandments. It is called the Mother of Books. All of the sacred books of mankind are believed to be contained in the tablet. The tablet is written in symbols that only a divine being can read.

In Sumerian (also known as Mesopotamian) mythology, the Tablet of Destinies was guarded by a bird. It was said whoever possessed the tablet would have unparalleled power. The same book later also appeared in Babylonian myths, but no one has seen it.

Tablets of Destiny

Because many of the above-mentioned texts have been lost in history, some people reject the existence of such texts thinking they are superstitious.

Thousands of years have passed, and heavenly books and people are still searching for books and scriptures that may reveal a way to understand the mysteries of life.

According to Mr. Li Hongzhi, author of the bestseller Zhuan Falun, (Turning the Law Wheel), it’s possible to attain complete health and attain complete liberation in one lifetime. The book is an advanced system of Qigong from Ancient China. While the teacher guides you through the door it’s up to you to practice it. Only through a genuine teaching that emphasizes character cultivation will one be blessed and reach the realm of divinity.

Zhuan Falun is the main text of Falun Dafa. Its been translated in over 40 languages, “It transcends cultural and racial boundaries, resonates the universal truth to the whole world, and bridges the gap between east and west,” wrote Mayor Bill Purcell of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee.

For those who have been searching far and wide for a heavenly book, perhaps this is what you have been looking for all your life.

A once in a lifetime opportunity!

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