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The Bible predicts that, at the last moment of mankind, after the nation’s restoration of Israel, the Messiah Savior will come to earth. The Eastern Buddhist Scriptures also claim that upon the opening of the Udumbura flower, the future Buddha Maitreya will come to earth. Now, all the prophecies have appeared one after another, whether the Savior of East and West has come already?

Both the Sutra and Bible says, during the last days of mankind, there will be a savior coming to save sentient beings. The Buddhist Sutra thinks there is a future Buddha Maitreya who does save sentient beings, and the Bible will consider the Messiah coming to save the sentient beings. If the Buddhist scriptures and the Bible are credible, there are actually two saviors in this period of time in humanity, unless the Maitreya in the Buddhist scriptures is the Messiah in the Bible.

According to researcher, Professor Qian Wenzhong, from Fudan University in Shanghai, from a thousand years B.C, a vast area of Western Asia, North Africa, Asia Minor, the two rivers there, and Egypt was populated by a belief in the future savior, and the Messiah in the Jesus religion located in Asia is the most represented of this faith in the savior. This faith is already in the Old Testament. The Maitreya faith in India, which has been confirmed in academia, is closely related to this worldwide belief in the Messiah and influences each other. India’s Maitreya faith is an integral part of the faith of the Messiah. In its simplest terms, Maitreya is the future Buddha, the future savior, the root cause of India, and the foundation of a wider world or of the ancient world. It was a part of the prevailing Messianic faith at that time.

According to the article, “Meiyeliye and Maitreya,“ (Volume 12 of the Collection of Ji Xianlin) most of the original Buddhist scriptures were “Hu Ben”, which was written in the languages of Central Asia and ancient Xinjiang, were certainly not the normative Indian Sanskrit. Therefore, “Maitreya” was most likely transliterated directly from the Metrak or Maitrak of Tocharian in Xinjiang. This word is related to the Sanskrit maitri (compassion, kindness). Therefore, “Maitreya” is also translated as “Cheshire.” Therefore, as early as in the post-Han and the Three Kingdoms period of China, “Maitreya” and “Cousin” (Bodhisattva) appeared simultaneously in a large amount of Chinese Buddhist scriptures.

Maitreya, called “Maitreya” in Sanskrit, “Metteya” in Pali, and a Chinese speaker has nothing to do with Maitreya’s pronunciation. Master Xuanzang discovered this in translation; he came to the conclusion saying that it was wrongly translated and should be translated as “Meierliye”. However, the Chinese people did not accept the opinion of Xuanzang; instead, they called it Mile Buddha.

While Westerners wait for the Christian Messiah, which from Hebrew is spelt, “Massiah” (sometimes written as “Mashiach”). “Apparent (Messiah)” is translated into Greek by it’s meaning as “anointed” Χριστο or Christos, and it is translated into English as Christ, “Messiah” and “Christ” basically have the same meaning, and the author of the New Testament equates him with the Jewish Messiah. which means “selected by God.” However, by the time of the New Testament, the concept of Christ was narrowed down and became the exclusive name of the Jesus of Nazareth, which later became the meaning of the Savior. Messiah means “the one selected by God;” it’s a title and not a name. It seems like throughout history there were others named Christos, but the true Savior Messiah is the one who comes at the last page of human history.

Both Maitreya and Massiah are near. In fact, the Maitreya from the Tocharian language is the Messiah in the Hebrew, the same word, just that the Messiah is to be read in the West, and Maitreya is read from the east.

Labrang Monastery was founded in the Qing Emperor Kangxi (1709), According to the tour guide’s of the temple answer to visitors’ of the Buddha’s gesture, “This is the Maitreya Buddha turning Falun in the world” He squatted halfway means come to earth and rescue the world with a Falun, Labrang Monastery was originally called Zhaxiqi Temple (auspicious turning temple), its meaning is that the Falun turns auspicious.

A bronze statue of Buddha Shakyamuni is placed in front of the feet of the statue Buddha Maitreya, and the statue is very small. According to the Lama guide explaining to the tourists: “The small Buddha statue in front is the Shakyamuni Buddha and his disciples. The Maitreya behind has the Falun in his hand. He is the most powerful and capable person in the universe. He will bring Falun to save the cosmic beings as well as being the only deliverer of the universe. “It is obvious that the statues highlight the high-level, magical powers of the Maitreya Buddha and the great compassion that has saved the entire human race through the contrast of statues. The temple of Shakyamuni Buddha called the small Golden Temple, and the Maitreya Buddha Hall called the Great Golden Temple.

Labrang Monastery in Gansu is one of the main temples of Tibetan Buddhism. The future Buddha Maitreya in Labrang Monastery is a bronze statue of the Maitreya Buddha.

According to the Buddhist Sutra, Maitreya is the name used when the “King of Kings” comes from the highest point to the earth. The Falun King is another way to call the “king of kings,” which is in reference to the Dharma world. Therefore, Sakyamuni told his disciples during those times, Falun king is also called Maitreya.

Mercy, light, and hope are the spiritual connotations of the Buddha Maitreya in the future, who will be the savior coming from the east.

Labrang Monastery in Gansu is one of the main temples of Tibetan Buddhism. The future Buddha Maitreya in Labrang Monastery is a bronze statue of the Maitreya Buddha.

According to the Buddhist Sutra, Maitreya is the name used when the “King of Kings” comes from the highest point to the earth. The Falun King is another way to call the “king of kings,” which is in reference to the Dharma world. Therefore, Sakyamuni told his disciples during those times, Falun is also called Maitreya.

Mercy, light and hope are the spiritual connotations of the Buddha Maitreya in the future, who will be the savior coming from the east.

The Udumbara flower have been seen blossoming on Buddha statues in a temple of Korea

The Udumbara flower blooms

The Buddhist also records that the Udumbara flower is a sign of good fortune. It states: “The Udumbara flower, the remark of Auspicious. Open once in three thousand years, when it opens the Falun king comes to the human.”

Since 1992, there have been several profound instances that the Holy Udumbara has appeared in the world. The Udumbara flower has no roots, no leaves, no water, and appears without soil. It has left botanists astounded, staggering in amazement nowadays.

The civil statues and prophecy EXPRESS

The Chinese people have retained the shape of the Maitreya, which is a laughing Buddha, having eighteen children playing around the body, with the reference to the eighteen Chinese children to the Chinese character synthetic “Lee” word, and heralding “Maitreya bring the law to the people in doomsday nowadays, which is the human body surnamed is Li.” The legend associated with Maitreya and the eighteen children statues has been handed down from generation to generation to even now.

Korea prophecy: What is a saint, Muzi surname (surnamed Li), born in rabbit year, in April, north of thirty-eight line (Koreas dividing line), under three mountain (Changbai Mountain Gongzhuling) …… The sage is king of the king in Heaven, also called Falun deities, and is a human known as Maitreya when down to the earth.

Liubowen’s also predicted, “When Maitreya through the virtual world to this world in the eyes of Golden Rooster territory in China, misfortune end, dragon meet the tiger, Rabbit years to transit”. With the Muzi surname, it “means that the future Buddha Maitreya, reincarnation in the Year of the Rabbit transit China, where born in Jilin province, the eyes place (Jilin Province) of “Rooster” territory in China,” (“Muzi” (Lee) as surname).

On May 13th, 1951, the founder of Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi was born in the city of Changchun located in Jilin Province, China. In the traditional Chinese calendar, it is the Eighth of April; in Buddhist tradition, it is known as “the day of Buddha birthday” . This day is also recognized as the Pentecost in western civilization after the Christian Easter of 50 days. The Christianity Easter represents and symbolizes and celebrates that “the Holy Spirit has come Festival.” “Easter” also means, “Oriental comes from the East” . According to the chinese calendar, this year is rabbit year. In the five elements theory, this is the golden pine wood year. At this point, people perhaps now understand why the important festivals of Western religion such as “Easter” is also equally valued by the East, which to Eastern people, is call “Oriental Holy Spirit come from the East”. This is why people remain with the traditions of the Easter Bunny (saints is a rabbit) and Easter Egg (related to the land shape of China is Golden Rooster) as a commemoration of ancient customs. Every family places a piece of a sub-word pine tree for Christmas (sub-word means Li in Chinese; the hometown of master Li is the place full of pine tree; the forever green pine tree often used by Chinese people to describe the cultivation must follow the upright way as the upright character of the pine tree; used in western culture as Christmas tree; the third eye is called pineal gland with pine within its name). During Easter, people also celebrate with the Easter Lily flower; Li is the same sound as the name Master Li. Master Li Hongzhi’s hometown in the city of Changchun means “forever spring,” (forever green pine tree) and this implies more people to feel the divine mysticism.

Frenchman Michel de Nostredame prophecies in his book, concentrating and accurately predicting many major events along with famous figures involved, which has occurred around the world in the past century. There is one specific stanza that even references to Falun Dafa founder, Master Li Hongzhi; this is found in the twenty-ninth poem of the second discipline, clearly prophesying a savior to save sentient beings in the doomsday of mankind.

An Asians leave his hometown,
Across the Apennines and arrived in France,
He will cross the sky, sea, and snow
Everyone will be touch and impress by his Scepter.

The prophecy is this, that the founder of Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi leaves his hometown after the preaching in the Chinese mainland, then to the West, and to the first western country, France. Preaching in many Western countries later, Falun Dafa has spread to the world. Describing founder of Falun Gong, it tells of a human and propagation of cosmic deities Road, having a Scepter using to wake up the world, and within the fourth sentence of the prophetic poem saying, “Everyone will be touched and impressed by his Scepter.” With it being said, the prophecy of that means Falun Dafa is to spread throughout the world, each person will be impressed and touched by him and the universal law (like a scepter) he brings, while the attitude of how they treat Dafa will determine their future.

According to Buddhist sutras, chakravartin has thirty-two phases like any other Buddha, 7 treasure, and is the ideal king, not using the force but rotation of d Dharma wheel with justice in order to dominate the world. Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, so long as they continue to give mercy to people, who practice it, may be destined to have chance to meet chakravartin. But sometimes God has really come, and humans are not awakened, not knowing and still hesitating.

Falun in Ancient Greek culture, exhibit in Louvre.

The world lost in the illusion have not awaken yet.

In the Bible, from the book of John 1:10-11 – “In the world, the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him, he comes to his own place but people don’t receive him.” The Bible also says, the Savior came into the world to save people, people of the world do not think he is the Savior, and he must first suffer many things, including denigration by the people who do not know the truth.

The prophecy marked the month and year of this major event as well: “July 1999, for the king of Angola Ruia resurrection, horror king come to the earth…”

July 1999 was indeed a particular and certain day because a labeled anti-Christ person, Jiang Zemin, former head of China, launched a comprehensive, ongoing crackdown and persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners. During this time, the reign of terror, defamatory rumors, and tribulations in Central China, etched brutally by the Chinese Communist Party led by Jiang Zemin, had people confused so they obeyed him and followed suit. In the Christian Bible, of the Book of Revelations, it says” account for the lambs and the beast of the final battle between good and evil – Armageddon CPC defy the universe”. Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance is mentioned strongly in this and is similar to Nostradamus’s: “Dharma in this evil contest has been bogged down in the quagmire” and this is from the Tang Dynasty by Tui Bei Tu’s “ninety-nine National Cheng Kung wrong”.

Ultimately to God

“The Book of Changa Sutra” (Volume 18): “When the holy king of the law wheel was born … all the kings of the east meet the king, holding all the treasures to show their return.”

Biblical Book of Revelations (7: 9-10): “Then after I looked, and saw many people, from all nations, nations, peoples, and all parties stand in front of the presence of the the throne, in white, with palm branches in hand, shouted with a loud voice, saying, wish the grace of salvation belong to our God, who sits on the throne…”

Although going through great tribulations, to the end, all human beings must return to God, and from all quarters of the earth, all countries and all ethnic groups. The Buddhist scriptures and the Bible at this point is the same in description.

After the Savior comes to save sentient beings, the world ushers in a new heaven, new earth and new humanity.

“Maitreya Sutra”: “The land salty Fusheng, no punishment without disaster Eritrean; men and women, etc., are all good people .The earth are no spikes, only grass……Naturally fragrant rice, delicious and all adequate .The tree grows the clothes…… full of flowers and fruits……all the life has eight thousand years old, without suffering, full of happiness “.

Bible, Isaiah (65: 19-20): “There shall be no more heard of the voice of crying and wailing, of which there will be no death of the infant……for a hundred years old are still children…… ” And continues in Isaiah 65: 23-25:” They will not work in vain, be produced, nor suffer a disaster….declares the LORD.” The Book of Revelation 22:2 describes how the new heaven and the new earth are written: “the tree of life grow on this side or the other side of the river, with twelve different kinds of fruits, have fruits every month, and the leaves of the tree can heal the nations.”

Thus, after this battle of good and evil, it is a blessing to be able to stay or be alive during the time for the one who protects the moral Dharma. They, the people, who have followed this moral dharma law wheel, will enjoy long-lasting lives with no punishment, no hunger, be able to partake in delicious portions of fruit, and have peaceful co-existence without struggle. From then, humankind enters a new era.


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