A Modern Fairy Tale: The Fountain of Life

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Is it possible that Chinese [written] characters can fly? Can people’s hearts dance? Is it true that immortal winged-horses can gallop across the sky? Most children daydream freely about such things.

Cherubs, Pegasus and Pegasus Foal

However, as we grow older, we are told to be practical and we are taught to be smart and gradually we lose our sense of wonder. Children in China suffer the most under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) The children are forced by school teachers to “fight and struggle their whole lives” for the CCP. They are forced to wear a red scarf, a symbol of the CCP’s “Young Pioneers.”

Gradually the childlike innocence disappears as an atheist Communist ideology gets forced down their throats. For one such child who believed in supernatural beings and beautiful cherubs, they were being pushed further and further away from her throughout her school career,

Chinese Communist Youth League “Young Pioneers”

A woman shared her experiences on a popular website, she wrote, “The most terrible thing I found as I was being increasingly influenced by the Party’s education was that I became lacking in the kindness and compassion I had seen in the beautiful illustrations of divine beings in those books I cherished. I felt that after I put on that red scarf, the demons and monsters in those [Chinese] fairy tales kept on interfering with me, taking me away from my magical world. It was like they were trying to turn me into an angry devil to go with them”

One night something strange happened to her. “I had a dream,” she wrote. ” It was a bad dream so I asked my mother for a magical tool like a wheel and I asked my father to ask Sun Wu Kong (a superhero from a Chinese fairy tale) to help me push against the demons and monsters.

Many years later, she renounced her allegiance to the CCP and the Young Pioneers. She wrote, “Once again, I embraced the bright sky in my life. Only then were my nights free of nightmares and my life again full of wide vistas and bright skies.”

There comes a time when one must choose between kindness and evil. It is just like those wonderful beings in [ancient] fairy tales who believe that justice will prevail. They all come together and stand up to stop the evil forces from doing things that try and ruin the good in peoples hearts.

What is happening in the real world one can find in the world of fairy tales. It’s just that human beings are playing various roles.

” When I was a child, I longed for the Fountain of Life because I believed that the clarity and beauty of the Fountain could offer people wisdom and strength.

Practicing Falun Dafa

After starting to practice Falun Dafa, what I have yearned for all my life is being obtained.

While following the universal principle of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” and looking inside to examine my feelings and thoughts I am able to enjoy being tranquil and clear.”

Fountain of Life

My wish is that my words and characters be like the Fountain of Life, flowing far and wide to refresh and cleanse sentient beings and wash away bad things.”

“I will continue to explore the themes of those fairy tales found in real life. I want to retell my story to clarify the truth to people. I advise people to treat Dafa practitioners kindly. Those miracles and heavenly cherubs are all around us.” she wrote.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/4/29/59244.html

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