The Hobbit House and other Natural Homes by Simon Dale

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This is Simon and Jasmine with their two children outside what has become an iconic home referred to as the ‘Hobbit House’, a label that Simon generously associates with people’s recognition of Tolkien’s portrayal of humans living in a simple and honest way.

When Simon made a website about their straw bale home to share pictures with friends and family, it wasn’t long before someone blogged about it and soon the world’s media were intrigued by the beautiful house.

Here’s a story from Simon and Jasmine.

Media interest in in the Hobbit House

Part of the inspiration for Simon’s home was his neighbour Tony Wrench who had pioneered the reciprocal roof Simon used in the design of his home. Simon also took inspiration from Lloyd Kahn’s book ‘Shelter’ and now Simon’s own home features in Lloyd’s newest book.

Straw bale homes are ideal for cold climates. A three-string straw bale laid flat has an R-Value of 33. For a very thorough discussion of straw bale building we recommend The Natural Building Companion.

This story‘s about Simon’s straw bale woodland home in Wales presents Simon’s philosophy about natural building and natural living. It’s a philosophy he has in common with all natural builders.

Now Simon and family have moved on to build another straw bale home (left) at Lammas EcoVillage in Pembrokshire, Wales.

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