Sri Lanka bombings on Easter and who might supply them.

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Here is the article detailing the terroristic attack and bombings on Sri Lanka this Easter Day: . The bombings left many dead and even many more injured.

The curious question comes into play is this, who could have supplied these extremists and terrorists the weapons and bombs needed to carry out these attacks? The possibilities are not endless; there are a few politically incorrect and dangerous assumptions, but we are going to review an article from a Chinese website that has kept up with the Chinese Communistic Party and its weapons deals with these sorts of people. Here is the article and the English google translation of it: .

(Insiders: The CCP sends arms to terrorist organizations around the world only to mess up the “world order”

In 2014, the arms flow to the supervision agency Conflict Armament Research analyzed the bullets and weapons wreckage left over from the battlefield. The weapons used by the terrorist organization IS were partly produced in mainland China.

In addition, the Israeli media quoted military sources in 2009 as saying that the four rockets fired by the terrorist organization Hamas into the southern Israeli city of Beersheba were made by China (the Communist Party). Photographs taken by Western media in 2014 showed that Hamas armed forces exhibited a rocket launch by the Chinese (CCP) in the parade of Gaza.

In November 2015, the former chief engineer of a large-scale mainland arms export company revealed to the reporters of Hope that more detailed procedures on how the Chinese military has sold arms to terrorists in the Middle East and Somalia over the years, and said that these huge amounts The transaction money is basically loaded into the private pockets of these generals.

The person familiar with the matter said that the CCP can reach deals with these organizations. Because most of these rebel and terrorist organizations are poor, they are willing to choose cheaper Chinese-made weapons. “If you say, you can buy 2 AK47 for 1000 dollars, buy France. The carbine will cost $4,000, and of course he will buy cheaper.”

Common AK47 rifle commonly used by terrorists (webshot)

Second, the CCP has no principles, as long as the other party can obey: “The guns of the United States and France are expensive. These organizations buy them, but they don’t sell them to you. But the CCP is not. If you don’t have money, just promise to press the Chinese Communist Party. Instructed to do some bad things, you can also give it to you. Which country in the world will not be a hard-working weapon, even if it is outdated, it will not be sent, but the CCP will do it.”

He himself had such personal experience: “He (the buyer) said: We want the weapons of China (the CCP army), we still have no money. The Chinese negotiators said, ok, we can give you white, but there are two Point: First, the weapon is for you. You must fight against your local government. As a guerrilla, you must accept our guidance and attack your government’s congress, parliament, or presidential palace. Second, other Western countries. At the embassies in Somalia, you should always attack it and let them ignore their tails.”

“Afghanistan, Pakistan, Pamir, the Mongolian guerrillas use the guns of China’s AK47, and the bullets supply them unconditionally, how much to give! China’s export of weapons does not care about the amount of money, the main purpose is to output the so-called ‘CCP revolutionary thinking ”Marxism-Leninism’, it will do to mess up the free world order.”

According to him, the CCP’s large-scale export arms were concentrated between 1983 and 1989. There are about 14 large-scale arms export companies in China. These companies are bureau-level and the generals are the ranks of major generals. Since then, the military of the Chinese Communist Party has banned the military from doing business. However, according to him, arms sales are still going on.

Foreign media: a large number of American soldiers died in the “China (CCP) manufacturing” weapons

“Far East Economic Review” in July and August 2008 published a review article by Richard D. Fisher, senior researcher at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, “Chinese Arms Armed with Fire and American Life” (Chinese Arms Cost American Lives), the article reveals that the CCP has long exported weapons to the Middle East militants, causing losses to the US military and the Allies. This issue should be properly and immediately resolved.

The article said that over the past year or so, US officials have repeatedly complained to the Chinese authorities that the CCP exported Iran-made Taliban weapons to Iran through the export of Chinese-made or assisted weapons to the use of these weapons to kill US troops and allies. The CCP has turned a deaf ear to the request to interrupt this weapon output pipeline. The CCP’s provision of weapons to these militants is consistent with the long-term trend in history. This trend can be traced back to the Korean War and the Vietnam War, when the CCP used the “proxy war” of neighboring countries to cause US power casualties.

The CCP’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan’s political situation dates back to the 1970s and 1980s. In Afghanistan, the CCP often provides weapons to the Muslim guerrillas. In Iraq, during the period from the late 1990s to about 2001, the CCP conducted a fierce agency war with the US Air Force, which tried to implement the UN “forbidden zone” sanctions. Huawei, a well-known computer company, has helped Saddam integrate anti-aircraft machine guns and missiles with modern fiber optic systems to make it more lethal to American pilots.

On December 14, 2001, two US soldiers were inspecting the wreckage of Chinese-made mortars abandoned at Kandahar International Airport. (AFP)

Prior to the September 11 incident, the CCP worked with Pakistan’s powerful intelligence system to train the Taliban. According to French media reports, the CCP regularly purchases US weapons collected by the Taliban, including Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and some Tomahawk cruise missiles that were used to attack the Taliban base.

In June 2007, the US Department of Defense pointed out that the CCP directly exported weapons to the Taliban in certain cases, but most of the weapons were radicals transferred to the Taliban and Iraq through Iran.

Just as Iran provided medium-sized arms to the armed men to kill Americans, when the US was exposed in early 2007, the US had not yet reached a consensus on what they saw and the measures they were responding to. US intelligence agencies have found that Iran has been asking the Chinese state-owned arms company to remove the serial number on the weapon to hide the source of the weapon.

On December 19, 2001, an Afghan militant was captured while guarding thousands of heavy weapons hidden in caves. These weapons are marked with Chinese characters. (AFP)

The weapons provided by the CCP to Iraqi and Taliban militants include: firearms, anti-armored ammunition, rocket launchers, mines, zero-caliber “antimaterial rifles”, and “Hung Hom V” (hn-5) shoulder-shot Air defense missiles, etc. Anti-armored ammunition can counter the huge investment of the US and Allied forces in individual armor, while the zero-caliber rifle can be used for long-range attacks. This “Red Dragon V” may be the first generation of missiles, but it has been upgraded, posing a real threat to allied helicopters and the growing number of unmanned reconnaissance aircraft.

On November 10, 2003, in the city of Kirkur in northeastern Iraq, the US Air Force provided pictures of the weapons seized. Among them are assault rifles made in China.)


It is very important to note that people should condemn the actions of the CCP and its affiliations to these extremist-terrorists. And all hopes and prayers go out to the good people in Sri Lanka.



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