European liders uphold Dafa and bringing the ex general secretary of PCC in justice

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European Liders uphold Falun Dafa and the bringing of the ex-general secretary of PCC in front of justice

Five european lider of renown upholded, with the ocasion of International Human Right, the proces of bringing to justice against Jiang Zemin, the ex-general secretary of the Comunist Party, who is accused of crimes against humanity.

Because of the persecution launched in China, in july 1.999, the ex secretary it got to be accussed of over 200.000 persons from the entire world for persecuting Falun Gong, persecution which included different form of harsh punishments, like forced jailed, forced organ harvesting, violating domicily and forced labor camps.

The first parlamentary that took in his hand the speech of human rights is Martin Patzel, un membru al Parlamentului german, which he declared that the High Court of Haga is disponible to investigate the persecution in China, in case that the legislativ sistem of China is not capable to do it.

On his site Patzel also sustained that he will approach the human right question on his trip in China and recognized the Good that Falun Gong brought on the land of China.

The german teacher, Klaus Buchner, a member of European Parliament and staff of human rights committee condamned the persecution against chinese lawyers of Falun Gong in the province of Heilongjiang și a cerut ambasadorului chinez din Germania și European Union să abordeze chestiunea avocaților Falun Gong, following the eliberation of locked practitioners closed in the chinese province.

Doctor Cornelia Ernest, membre of PE, he wrote that the general-procurator Cao Jianming, asking him to investigate the crimes and the forced organ harvesting comitted by Jiang Zemin. The letter was signed by many members and ambasadors of PE, U.N. raportors and prosecutor of High Court of Haga and many european politicians.

Also, Dan Cristian Preda, a member of the committee for human rights from Romania, claimed the trial before the High Court of Justice of Jiang Zemin, founding one of the sponsors that participated at the PE resolution from december 2013, condamning forced organ harversting from China.

The member of European Parliament, Stefan Eck, beliefs that the persecution against Falun Gong is inhumane and that it can be a threat against world peace, and also indicated that this kind of politic should be stopped before it would spread trough other countries and trough different channels.

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