Tibetan Who Sang Tibetan Anthem Dies After Inhumane Torture In Chinese Prison

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It’s a shame that Tibet, which is such a special place, is suffering so much under the harsh Chinese Regime. In 2016 a Tibetan was detained and tortured in prison for singing the Tibetan anthem. A Video of the Tibetan man singing the banned anthem went viral on Wechat in April.  

Sadly, Pema Wangchen from Karze, passed away last Friday at a hospital in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

According to Voanews Wangchen died from extended ailments sustained through being tortured while in police custody.

Pema Wangchen

On the 5th day of Losor, which is the Tibetan New Year which is celebrated on 13 February 2016 by all Tibetans. Wangchen sang the Tibetan anthem in his native village Wongsang in Karze county.  

He was arrested and detained for around 2 weeks and brutally tortured.  When Wangchen was released he was weak having sustained injuries and swelling on his body. Pema Wangchen did not recover from his injuries and his he deteriorated.

The 31-year-old Wangchen was rushed to several hospitals in Karze and Chengdu for treatment.

He is survived by his three children and his parents.

 Tibetan New Year Festival

Pema Wangchen’s brother Palden Thinley, a monk at Karze monastery was also targeted by the Chinese Police and sentenced to four years for taking part in the 2008 peaceful protest against the Chinese rule after he and two other monks marched through Ganze shouting “Long live the Dalai Lama,” according to a Radio Free Asia report in 2015.

According to reliable sources,  Lekshey Thupten, a former Tibetan political prisoner from Phenpo, Lhundrup County in Lhasa, passed away due to ill health at the beginning of the month. He had also been subjected to torture while in prison.

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