Prophesy on the CCP’s Evil and Catastrophic Rule

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A huge sickle appears at the highest star position

it is connected to Sagittarius

pestilence, famine, and death from military hands

it is close to the renewal of the century

The huge sickle mentioned in the first sentence, from the perspective of symbolism, is the sign of the evil Communist Party’s flag and represents violence and terror.

In the 100 years just before the world ends, it will sweep across the world and bring disaster to human beings.

With its doctrine of atheism and violence, it will set up bloody tyrannies in various countries, one after the other, usurp power to “the highest star position,” and enslave people.

Moreover, this evil doctrine will be instilled into people by all-encompassing brainwashing, and it will portray itself as the highest form of doctrine and belief. Because of this, numerous innocent lives will be destroyed.

Sagittarius, mentioned in the second sentence is an important constellation in astrology. It represents the noble spirit in religion and philosophy. But in this poem, it predicts that a villain will hold sway, and humans and demons will be confounded.

In the third sentence, the state of affairs takes a sudden turn and degenerates rapidly. The brutal rule of the evil Communist Party can only bring about fatal and catastrophic consequences, unlimited misery, regret, and sorrow.

The CCP controls all the branches of power and institutions of influence. Its bloodthirsty nature compels it to repeatedly launch campaigns of terror, to conduct insane persecutions, and to eradicate dissidents. For instance, during the more than 50 years since the CCP has grabbed power, it has launched all kinds of campaigns and has killed more than 80 million Chinese people.

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