Although never advertised, the healing power of authentic performing arts like Shen Yun had been experienced by many audiences.  The healing effect can be explained from the perspective of alternative medicine.  Under normal circumstances, disease can be healed not only by medicine but also by listening to good music, enjoying good art, and participating in moderate physical activity.  People can also be changed for the better by watching a performance that has good dancing and music.

Shen Yun performances have very good effects. There are thought-provoking stories, such as those of justice and filial piety. They portray God’s and Buddha’s kind deeds, and they portray the results arising from people’s kind thoughts. On seeing these performances, a sense of compassion may arise in the hearts of audience members. That would produce favorable physical, physiological, and psychological effects.

In my studies of Shen Yun phenomena,   I consulted with Dr. Hu Naiwen,  an accredited Chinese medicine doctor from Taiwan.   Ironically Dr. Hu began his medical education in modern medicine but subsequently moved over to traditional Chinese medicine and became famous.   Dr. Hu acknowledged that when audience members hear good music, they may become healthy. Chinese traditional music has the principle of the five tonalities, which are called “gong,” “jiao,” “shang,” “zheng,” and “yu.”  The tonalities correspond to the five organ systems of the human body: the liver, the heart, the spleen, the lungs, and the kidneys. Wherever people are sick, the effects of music can heal them.

In other words, people witnessing such a good performance will hear the various tonalities of music, and their organs will become balanced.

While watching a Shen Yun performance, people know that what they are seeing and hearing is unlike any other show. As a result of the dancing and the music, their bodies can adjust themselves, and they will become healthier.

I have read the experiences of many viewers, and several people’s diseases have diminished or even disappeared as a result of watching a Shen Yun show.  Shen Yun shows are performed in world-class theaters where people can feel a good atmosphere. Illness or other problems can be released while enjoying good performances and good music, resulting in a healthier state.

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