Shen Yun, Based In New York, Does Not Cancel Their Performances Because Of The Coronavirus

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Shen Yun, a theater dance group representing and celebrating Chinese culture’s song and dance, have not cancelled their performance tour. They are based in New York and are not from China. They still have yet to perform, continuing their tour in the US, in Cincinnati from March 18-20 at the Arnoff Center for the Arts. The group had commented that audience members questioned if the company was still performing.

The group officials stated, “Audience members are in for good news: Shen Yun is not from China and the performances will continue as scheduled. Performers have not been to China in years, have not had recent direct contact with people from China, and in fact Shen Yun is not even allowed to perform in China.” 

Shen Yun company was created back in 2006; part of their mission statement includes “reviving five thousand years of Chinese culture.”

Being blacklisted by the Chinese Communistic Party, all members of the company were banned from traveling to China.

“Such a mission could only be undertaken outside of China. That is because in China the communist regime has spent the last 70 years trying to systematically destroy traditional culture, values and the arts. And so audience members can enjoy Shen Yun performances resting assured that Shen Yun and its performers have been isolated from today’s China. What Shen Yun brings to the audience are genuine traditions, stories, dance and music of ancient China, the very best from traditional China,” commented group offficials from Shen Yun.

Tickets for the Cincinnati show, priced between $80 to $150, can be bought online or by phone, 844-447-4697.



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