Lee Ching-yu, the wife of Lee Ming-che, replies to the PRC’s Taiwan Affairs Office

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I already made a statement on March 31st that, until I see Lee Ming-che in person, I will not acknowledge any remarks or statements reportedly made by him.

On April 7th, a cross-strait broker gave me a photocopy of a letter, which, judging from the handwriting was indeed written by Lee Ming-che, but the content was clearly composed against his free will. Also, the channel through which I received the letter was not an official one.

This letter was most certainly published by Guangdong’s state security bureau. Yet, why did the bureau, instead of transmitting the letter through an open, legal channel, secretly dispatch a cross-strait broker to intimidate and attempt to bribe us?

The broker told me again and again, as long as I fully cooperated and do not arouse suspicion, Lee Ming-che would be set free very soon. But if I get on the plane to Beijing and file a complaint, a video of Lee Ming-che admitting his guilt will immediately be broadcast on a local Guangdong television station. The broker stressed that I should treat the other side as if they were kidnappers because they operate outside the rule of law. This broker told me that he had personally saved the lives of more than 20 people. He said, “If you want my help, cancel your flight to Beijing right away. Otherwise, I will be powerless to help.”

I sincerely doubt that kidnappers are holding Lee Ming-che for ransom. He is not a hostage. I simply don’t believe that Beijing’s central government would stoop to such levels, defying laws both human and divine. I refuse to be intimidated or bribed. Why is Guangdong’s Public Security Bureau so afraid of me going to Beijing to appeal for Lee Ming-che’s release? Do they want to hoodwink the public and prevent the truth from being revealed?

Today, on the eve of my departure to Beijing and three days after the meeting with the broker, the TAO has finally released information about this letter written by Lee Ming-che. Why would they first send the letter to me, and then when I wasn’t intimidated, publicly announce its existence? This doesn’t conform to normal working procedures, what kind of conspiracy is this? Only after they failed to threaten us did they begin their public rebuke of rescue efforts by Taiwan human rights groups. This has created considerable anxiety for our family and we have no choice but to maintain a high degree of vigilance.

Tomorrow, I will travel, with hope and kindness in my heart, to Beijing to fight for a humanitarian visit.

I’m not a troublemaker. If I wanted to make trouble, I would have launched an all-out attack when I received that letter three days ago. I hope that the Beijing government acknowledges my self-restraint and goodwill.

Finally, I believe that Chairman Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China will be reasonable with me. I pray justice will be on our side.

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