Xi Jinping Only Cares About Saving Face Incompetence Causes Disaster to Fall on Wuhan People

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The outbreak of the deadly flu virus in Wuhan caused a sudden increase in fatalities. Doctor Wang Bo (pseudonym) of Wuhan Emergency Center disclosed to the “China Watch” that the number of dead bodies has increased so dramatically that it can no longer be handled normally.

Some hospitals have directly placed the dead bodies in trucks and taken them away to be cremated. The hospital’s isolation facilities are hopeless. Patients are only isolated when they are admitted to the hospital. Cross-infection is taking place all the time and infected people out on the street. The virus is spreading to healthy people at an alarming rate. The infection rate of medical staff in major hospitals in Wuhan is currently estimated at 10% and medical staff who work daily are on the verge of collapse.

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Mainland authorities claim that 304 deaths were caused by the pneumonia virus in Wuhan. Wang Bo revealed that the number of deaths is, in fact, much higher than the official figures.  The reason being at the time of the outbreak, the limited number of available hospitals caused people to die at home.

In the early days, the number of corpses was still within the scope of processing and they were sent to funeral homes. Now, the number of corpses has soared and it is no longer possible to deal with the usual routine. “So basically some hospitals have set up fever specialist hospitals, and they all use trucks to tow the corpses away.” Wang Bo said, as for how to handle it, there is no way to know.

Behind the large number of deaths lies the shocking figure of infected people. Wang Bo said there are still a huge number of patients in Wuhan who have not been diagnosed, and the number is so big they can’t be counted.

During the first outbreak, many people died after the first public fever hospital was designated and none of those people were even diagnosed. A confirmed case refers to the detection of an infected patient with a test device. If the test is positive twice consecutively, the diagnosis is confirmed.

However, detection instruments are not always available and then there is no remission for a month. Patients who don’t have access to a test kit to detect infected lungs on CT scans can only be viewed as suspected patients. This leaves the number of patients who may die or who have died without being diagnosed, very large.

Some patients are only mildly infected, and such patients have not been included in the ranks of the infected.

Wang Bo told “China Watch” that hospitals are working locally, but some hospitals cannot run normally because the medical staff have become infected. 

Wang Bo revealed the infection status of the medical staff in all hospitals in Wuhan: “If you calculate the infection of medical staff, it is about 10% … Some hospitals have more than 1,000 medical staff. There are 100 or 200 doctors (infected) basically 10%. But some hospitals may exceed this figure.”

As for the health care workers who are not infected, their mental state is depressed and anxious. “They basically work for 2 days and 2 nights, 3 days and 3 nights. So the physical and mental condition of the hospital staff is the same, and is on the edge of collapse,” Wang Bo said.

Wang Bo said that many hospital wards in Wuhan are inadequately prepared and the medical facilities are completely ineffective. “Some ordinary wards have been converted into isolation wards in one or two days, but no one has confirmed them; some hospitals have opened fever wards. These wards have not even been refurbished. They just emptied the existing patients and used them as fever wards. The wards are not equipped to receive infected patients, but they have started to accept them now…”

Wang Bo said that Wuhan No. 8 Hospital is not a designated hospital, but a fever ward has been opened. “Their fever ward is not isolated at all, and patients can walk around completely and come out, just like ordinary patients.”

Wang Bo said “there are many infected patients on the streets of Wuhan, and the virus can be transmitted to healthy people at any time. “They consciously isolate themselves at home, but there are many patients who want to go out. If he goes out, he will infect others.”

In response to the news from the doctors in Wuhan, Yokogawa, a current affairs commentator in the United States, told “Looking at China” that when the CCP made a decision to close the city, it was decided haphazardly. Cross-infection is a very serious problem. The Government did not foresee the gravity of the situation so it is actually a serious challenge to the CCP’s rule. The regime is in reality unqualified to deal with emergencies. Even if no effective measures had been made, the method of dealing with people in accordance with administrative orders is to deal with patients.

Yokogawa said: “For the CCP, their own people are far less important than its own rule and keeping face. This is why the regime rejected the US CDC thrice. Later, it was agreed upon, at the highest level, because President Trump called Xi Jinping personally.”

“Because of the system of the Communist Party of China, and Xi, who is very good at suppressing people, but not good at carrying out very complicated, like large corps, pooling and integrating the forces of all parties. Nor is he good at working to deal with a health and health crisis together, that is not Xi’s strength. So Xi is likely to work hard to suppress public opinion, in order to keep face”

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