Wuhan’s Air is Thick with “Mysterious Fog and Haze” Coming from the Burning of around 14000 Corpses

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[See China February 10, 2020]

Reporter Li Xiaokui reported that the novel Coronavirus in Wuhan Province China had become “out of control.” When a huge fire broke out in the city of Wuhan, (where the source of the virus is) no fire engines were deployed to extinguish the fire. Later, it was discovered that the local air was so toxic and contained a massive amount of sulfur dioxide (SO₂) causing some strange phenomena. It has aroused attention and become a hot topic of discussion in the outside world.

Recently, a large amount of toxic gas sulfur dioxide floated in the air in Wuhan (Image source: Screenshot of Windy)

According to the global interactive weather data of a Czech company, Windy.com., Wuhan’s atmosphere is full of sulfur dioxide. The concentration per cubic meter in the city exceeds 80 micrograms in all administrative regions of Wuhan. At 7 pm on February 8, an alarming concentration of 1700 micrograms was detected and other cities in Hubei Province have also released such toxic gases.

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is a colorless gas with a strong odor and is one of the main pollutants of the atmosphere. When sulfur dioxide dissolves in rainwater, acid rain forms.  The combustion of petroleum, carbon, natural gas, and biological organic compounds produces this compound.

Twitter netizen “INTELWAVE” analyzed the increase of sulfur dioxide in the air and found traces of burnt organic matter. An increase in the concentration of sulfur dioxide was also observed in Chongqing, China, when the concentration reached 1327 micrograms per cubic meter.

He believes that in terms of Wuhan’s emissions, it may be the result of the burning of organic urban waste or the organic matter of animal carcasses, but it is unclear as to why Wuhan would be producing such large-scale organic waste matter with so many animal carcasses. This has spiked Wuhan’s emissions and it is now higher than anywhere in the world.

This organic urban waste is suspected to be caused by the burning of human corpses in the suburbs.

“INTELWAVE,” said, “The worst case is that dead bodies in the urban suburbs of Wuhan are being burned. This would mean that the death toll from the coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is much higher than the official report of deaths released by the Chinese Communist Party. At least around 14,000 corpses are required to reach this level discharge.”

Netizens were shocked when they heard about this, commenting: “It is difficult to change the recent engulfing of Wuhan over the “mysterious fog and haze”, Wuhan people are really pitiful.”

“The next environmental protection monitor will also be fake.” Even during the festive days, they were burning a large number of corpses, which is sad.”

It is worth mentioning that on February 6, a video of a “big fire” in Wuhan was circulated on Twitter. The video shows the local Yangluo Street near the Yangtze River and a huge fire suddenly erupting near two high-rise buildings. Wuhan citizens took a photo, and when they saw this, they wondered, “Why is there no fire engine coming to help extinguish the fire?”

After the relevant video was exposed, an interested person checked the weather forecast app Windy.com The content showed that the concentration of “sulfur dioxide” in the fire area was abnormally high. Because large quantities of “sulfur dioxide” appear along with soot, heavy metal mercury, and other substances during cremation, many netizens noticed that the blaze was “not a normal fire” The true circumstances surrounding the fire still needs to be properly investigated and clarified.

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