Wuhan Residents Panic As The City is Sealed Off

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For millions in Wuhan, Hubei China, and China as a whole, the year of the metal rat is not starting off on a positive note. Wuhan city has literally come to a standstill as all public transport has stopped. Hubei Provine has announced sealing off of 9 cities.

In Wuhan, the outbreak of the virus became out of control and all traffic was shut down on the evening of the 23rd. In addition to Wuhan, 8 Hubei cities including Huanggang and Ozhou city has also been totally sealed off. Huanggang and Ozhou are less than100 kilometers from East Wuhan. All rail transport and station have also been shut down. The two cities have close personnel exchanges with Wuhan. Huanggang has a population of 7500 million and Ozhou around 1000 million.

Reporters say that there are three cities in Hubei province that are “quarantine quarantine,” a rare move in China’s history which undoubtedly shows the danger of the epidemic.

According to Hong Kong media reports in addition to the 3 cities mentioned above 6 cities such as Chibi, Lichuan, Dianjiang, Zhejiang, Tianmen, Xinatao, have also announced to stop all traffic going into town. This shows an overall deployment in Hubei Province.

The city of Wuhan

A message sent back from the Deputy Editor in Wuhan, the number of Wuhan infections is on the rise. The total population of Wuhan is 1,1000

Internal documents revealed by the Huanggang city government on the 22nd show that the city had confirmed at least 109 people dead, but only 12 cases were reported at the time.

Outsiders criticized that the outbreak was concealed, causing the situation in Wuhan to become out of control. But now suddenly sealing the city can turn out to be deadly and has sparked panic and fear in the hearts of residents. Supermarkets were snapped out supplies and many people smuggled from the city in various ways.

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