World class orchestra is an international success

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Shen Yun Orchestra blends the spirit of Chinese music with the power of a Western Orchestra.

The  Shen Yun orchestra was founded in 2006 in New York.  The orchestra uses traditional Chinese instruments like the erhu and pipa combining the with western strings woodwind and brass instruments.

All music is original and draws on 5 millennia of culture and legends.

Shen Yun does not perform in China. The Chinese government has attempted to cancel Shen Yun performances through political pressure via its foreign embassies and consulates.

The uniqueness of the Orchestra has won them international acclaim.

“The Mystical Udumbara” is a poem that was translated by Jennifer Zeng set to music by the Orchestra.  T

Udumbara means”sacred flower descending to earth from heaven.”

According to Buddhist scriptures, Udumbara flowers are extremely rare, they only bloom once every three millennia. The blooming of Udumbara marks the appearance of a Buddha to the world.

After thousands of years absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, Udumbara blossoms quietly, a pure and precious signal of a prosperous new era.


The Mystical Udumbara

The mystical Udumbara is not a dream

Its fragrance penetrates the darkest night

And up into the heavens

There is a sea of Udumbara flowers

Surrounded by countless layers of misty clouds

As pure as jade

Shining with ethereal light

They dance inside the Buddha’s palms

And descend to this world

Responding to the Holy King

Blossoming in different places

According to predestined arrangements

Or suddenly flourishing simultaneously into ten directions

With each flower representing another world

Tens of thousands of worlds rejoice

Luminous like the snow under a full moon

Bright like the dew in deep forests

How they move with a free and easy spirit

Yet blooming only once every three thousand years

Heralding the advent of the King of the Golden Wheel

空花非是夢  夜來氣浮香

天外優曇海  縹緲白霓裳

玉骨無俗艷  寶相生清光

起舞在佛掌  下世應聖王

隨緣散花萼  忽然降十方

一花一世界  萬宇風露涼

皎然月下雪  潔白九秋霜

如意自來去  三千歲月長

– 聽神韻交響樂曲目【優曇婆羅花】


Udumbara flowers were first found blossoming on the face of a Bodhisattva statue in the Sumi Zen Temple in Korea in May 2005, and more sightings followed.

The number of sightings has peaked in 2007. In June and July 2007, Udumbara flowers appeared in different parts of Taiwan.

Locals flocked to the sites, as they regard the flowers as an “auspicious sign.” The sight of Udumbara flowers at his home pleasantly surprised Taipei-based artist Chen Guodong.

He said the flowers are whitish, shaped like little bells, with the fragrance of sandalwood. He exclaimed, “It’s a miracle! They are so tiny, it’s hard to detect them without a microscope, yet their fragrance fills the entire balcony.”

Buddhist scriptures say rare flowers signal Chakravartin (“He who turns the Wheel”) descending into the world.

Watch the brilliant performance  below by Shen Yun Orchestra performing “The Mystical Udumbara”


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