Trump Honors American Humanitarian Kayla Mueller In Baghdadi Raid

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By Wen Keyi

On October 26, US special forces launched a night raid and successfully annihilated the head of the Islamic State (ISIS) Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. 

The military operation was named after the name of the deceased American woman, Kayla Mueller.

On October 27, Kayla’s parents received a call from President Trump. When Kayla’s parents learned that the raid was named after their daughter, they felt extremely moved. “She has not been forgotten,” they said.

Kayla Mueller

Kayla Mueller was an American human rights activist and humanitarian aid worker from Prescott Arizona. After graduating from Northern Arizona University in 2009, Kayla has been trying to help people in the world who need help. She worked with humanitarian aid groups in northern India, Israel, and Palestine.

Kayla was taken captive in August 2013 in Aleppo Syria after leaving a Doctors without Borders Hospital. She crossed the Turkish border and planned to visit the war-torn hospital when she was arrested.

Kayla was only 26-years old when she was imprisoned by ISIS. Two years later, in 2015, she was believed to be dead. According to a Yadi sex slave who was imprisoned next to her, Kayla was regularly abused sexually and severely mistreated by her captors.

Kayla fell into the hands of Baghdadi and was married off to him. She was forced to believe in Islam.

Kayla vanished and her body has still not been found.

Trump said: “Considering what he did to Kayla…what he did to her was unimaginable. She was imprisoned for a long time, and he regarded her as his private prisoner. She was a beautiful young woman, so keen to help people.”

Kayla’s father, Carl Mueller, told ABC News that he was very impressed by this major military action to commemorate his daughter.

“President Trump mentioned her in the statement today. He mentioned everything that Baghdadi did to Kayla. This is what she deserves. She is not forgotten. This is very important.”

On the day of the announcement of the death of Baghdadi, Trump called the Mueller family and told them that the Action was named after their daughter. In the nearly 20 minutes of the call, the Mueller asked a lot of questions, and “Mr. Trump answered them one by one” he said. The Muller family expressed their gratitude to the President for his gesture. “He was very kind in conversation, just like chatting with friends,” Carl said.

The Mueller family said: “It’s really moving.” The United States has not forgotten their daughter.

Carl told the local media, The Arizona Republic, “She was detained in many prisons. She was incommunicado, she was tortured, she was intimidated and eventually raped by Baghdadi. “He either killed her or complied with it.”

Kayla’s mother, Marsha said that she hopes to get more information about her daughter.

“I pray wholeheartedly that someone in the world will give us the answer,” she said.

“I really want to know where Kayla is, what happened to her, and what we don’t know,” she said. 


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