“Trees are Afraid of Being Shaken Three Times” and Other Ancient Words of Wisdom

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A curious saying in Ancient Chinese culture “three times” means thrice, but when not mentioned it could mean “many times.” Therefore, “Even the trees are fearful of three shakes,” refers to “the possibility of a tree afraid of being shaken frequently.

 “People live by faith, and trees live by roots.” This means that if people want to live in this world, the foundation for survival is stability.

As the roots of trees are the cornerstones from which they grow, the deeper and broader the roots of a tree are, the stronger its ability to absorb nutrients and the tree’s growth will naturally be more powerful.

For people, if a tree cannot be shaken, it usually means that the tree has grown big. But if a tree can be shaken, it is usually not very big or strong. In particular, if some small saplings are often shaken, the small roots are easily broken, and naturally, the ability of the tree to absorb nutrients will be affected, so it will not be easy to grow.

Not only that, when trees are planted, the hole must also be dug deep, and the soil must be compacted, so that the trees that have just been transplanted in a new environment, would be able to take root in the soil.

A tree in blossom Photo: Pickpic

Not only can people break smaller trees, but animals and high winds can also cause the trees to be swayed and injured. 

Therefore people would plant a few bushes beside the newly planted trees to reduce the damage caused by the outside world and grow faster.

In the world of women, they have delicate emotions, and when choosing a partner, most women don’t take external appearance as being all-important, rather, a woman would usually follow her intuition and make her choice on how her partner makes her feel.

When a woman’s heart is moved, by a man, she feels a “connection”. Recently, the word “wooing” (courtship) is often used by young people. When a guy shows a girl that he cares, is gentlemanly and kindhearted, in her eyes, she takes it as a kind of wooing.

Young girl Photo: FreeDesignfile

Of course, three woos do not refer to specifically only three wooing methods, but it encompasses all aspects of wooing. So for women, what kind of wooing from a man is a lady unable to resist in the opposite sex?

1. When she doesn’t feel well

When feeling “under the weather” a person feels vulnerable and fragile, and as any woman knows, during her menstrual cycle, she is in such a state. At this time, if a man is can adapt to her moods, a woman will feel touched by his consideration for her womanhood.

2. Protection

As we often see In TV dramas, if a lady appears to be in mortal danger she needs a brave man to save her. If someone arrives at the right time, she will feel grateful and will naturally feel the need to cherish her “rescuer.”


People who reach out to others by helping them overcome some of life’s difficulties are often admired by everyone and women in particular. If she meets someone to whom she can turn to in such times, who will give her sound advice, she will know that reliability is a treasure and trust is one of the most important ingredients in any relationship. Thus she will be willing to give her heart to such a person.

So in fact, it is not difficult to impress a lady or to win her heart. Courteous methods must be carefully worked on to make a lady feel she is understood and valued.

Hence the ancient saying, “Women are afraid of the three mistresses, “just as Trees are afraid of been shaken three times.”

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