The Forgotten Moon

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How many times have we looked up at the moon and imagined what it would be like to be there? What is the moon really? What is its origin? There are thousands of creation myths that help us understand even if its just a fraction of the miracle of the universe. And, scientifically speaking, there are numerous explanations, for example, impact theory, capture theory, twins, and division.  Somehow though, scientists have not obtained enough concrete evidence, and can only offer a hypothesis. 

So where did our moon come from?

The moon and Stonehenge

The moon is a man-made star

In 1950, Dr. Wilkins, the author of the Lunar Research  Society of the Royal Astronomical Society, wrote in his book called “Our Moon” and put forth the theory that “the moon is a hollow sphere”.

He wrote: “There are various indications to us that there is 30-50 km of “shells” under the moon. Certainly, no one imagines that lunar residents live in carefully constructed moon tunnels. The internal space is a wonderful world.”

In 1966, the US Orbital No. 2 probe took photos of several pyramidal structures on the moon. Scientists estimated that their height was around 15 to 25 meters. They were arranged in a geometric form, and their color was lighter than the surrounding rocks and soil. It seemed strangely unnatural to scientists.

During Appollo’s mission to the moon USA, astronauts took photos of the craters and discovered there were traces of artificial changes on them.

Some scientific evidence indicated that the moon is a man-made star.

How and when was the moon created?

There is, in fact, a legend about our moon’s origin. A hermit once said: “The moon is a spaceship. Many moons ago, in another life, during prehistoric times, I was associated with the construction of a “Moon Project.”

“In the last era of the earth, hundreds of millions of years ago, there were humans living on the earth.

They created a highly advanced civilization. The metropolis was of all kinds of skyscrapers. Flying objects floated in the sky were not airplanes, but huge flying ships like giant cruise ships. They could carry thousands of passengers at a time. 

Flying ships, an artist’s impression

This type of flying ship was not limited to flying around the earth, it could travel anywhere within the scope of the nine planets. 

At the time, all machines ran on a high-density type of energy and were highly efficient.

That was when the moon came into being. It was constructed in order to have light to help navigate their ships at night. The scientists and people were advanced enough to build a moon. It was made to reflect the sun and bring its light to the earth at night.

At the same time, this spacecraft, (our moon) can exist in the universe for a long time, and it is a vehicle for many people to live inside of it.

 A variety of sophisticated control instruments were placed inside and the precision of the machine far exceeds the current state-of-the-art technology.

These machines maintain the rotation and revolution of the moon, and they can also “drive” the moon without energy depletion.

This kind of machinery can provide people with the energy they need to live. 

At the same time, it can also be used for military purposes. Our moon has a powerful weapon defense system that protects it and our planet from the invasion and destruction of the malicious life forms of extraterrestrial galaxies.

Building such a moon is massive system engineering, just like the current aerospace project. 

A large number of scientists and engineers were involved (the sorghum was one of the engineers at the time) and eventually completed the masterpiece. 

However, such a huge and heavy moon, how did prehistoric humans launch it into the sky?

Advanced technology to lift the moon

Prehistoric people attached great importance to the power and energy generated by the spirit of a human being. They knew how to purify their minds and their hearts, so with this kind of purity, they could strengthen the power of energy. 

Crystal ore

Their energy was like unto that of pure transparent crystal ore (not crystal or diamond).  Crystal ore is extremely energy-intensive and once tapped could drive huge machines. They cultivated this kind of energy for the sake of the environment as it did not cause environmental pollution.

After our moon’s skeleton was assembled on the earth, a group of people with great energy used their supernatural mind-power to strengthen and add more energy to crystal ores. The crystal ores, being an excellent conduit for energy was able to raise the skeleton moon, which entered orbit. Subsequent assembly work was then carried out on the track.

The skeleton was constructed from metal minerals from the earth.  This skeleton was as large and complex as the structure of carbon 60 molecules. People used a kind of mathematical technique to navigate the moon’s skeleton ascent which was then towed by a large number of giant ships into the orbit of space.

After the skeleton moon entered the orbit, engineers carried out subsequent construction and the completed assembly of the moon in the extraterrestrial space orbit. The giant scaffold was erected just like a modern construction site. A large number of spaceships traveled between the Earth and the Moon, each one carrying or towing a large amount of building material.

The internal structure started with the moon core, and various precision gears, machinery, power equipment, and other devices were placed inside the core. Outside the core to the moon shell, apart from the skeleton, there was not much placed, it is more or less hollow. The outermost layer is a protective shell made up of thick metal plates with a density of several kilometers.

The moon completed and celebrated

After many days and nights of work, prehistoric mankind finally completed the huge project of building a moon. It is an exquisite industrial piece of art! 

The front of the moon was designed as a polished surface that can reflect the light of the sun to illuminate the earth at night. In order to maintain the efficiency of the light, the front side of the moon is controlled to face the earth forever.

The outer shell of the moon can be opened and can be compared to a blooming flower when revealed. The key to opening it is a “sword” of powerful energy. The strength is determined by the “driver’s” heart. A person with a very “low mind” can not start it even if he has a “sword.” Only a person who has reached a certain level of purity of mind and heart can open its shell.

On the day of the completion of the moon, there was a global grand celebration of this commemorative day. Since then, nighttime is no longer dark. The changing state of the moon adds a little bit of fun ad imagination to the appearance of the moon in the sky. Participating in the moon-making project was the most esteemed group of people of that time, and it was praised for a long time.

Human civilization is destroyed

Although the people completed the great achievement of building the moon, the human civilization of that period did not escape the inevitability of destruction.

During the development of science and technology, mankind gradually indulged in selfish desires. In the end, mankind lost all of its supernatural powers and suffered a devastating blow. The consequences were that the earth and everything on it was severely damaged. Only a few people survived on the moon. After the earth’s destruction, the few returned and began a new civilization.”

As the years passed, the story of the moon has been passed down from people’s in oral tradition and gradually it became a myth

Today, almost no one believes that the moon hanging in the air was made by our ancestors.

It’s much bigger than it was when first created. After so many eons our moon is covered up with kilometers of cosmic dust.

Nowadays people often regard the legends of various nationalities on the earth as fictional myths.

In fact, the legend has authenticity and may be compared to a reflection of mankind’s real history and origins.

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