The CCP Infiltrates and Bans Belt and Road Comics in Malaysia

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The editor of Ma Zhong Business Council, Qiu Guangyao (left), and the comic book “The Mutual Benefit and Win-Win Belt” of Malaysia, drawn by the cartoonist Zhang Baoling, was banned because of the infiltration into the campus. (Source: Zhang Baoling Facebook)

October 24, 2019

The Chinese Communist Party’s means of invasion is everywhere. As an example, The American DreamWorks Animation Company’s film “Abominable” was taken off the shelves of Vietnam and Malaysia because it was brought across the “Nine-Segment Line” territorial line map. Now the Belt and Road Comics have been censored, too.

The “Belt and Road Initiative for Win Winism” Comics was distributed in three languages ​​in Malaysia. It was banned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Malaysia, and “illegal” printers will be facing up to three years in prison.

“One Belt, One Road” Comic was edited by Hew Kuan Yau, chief executive of the Malaysian Business Council. It was illustrated by the Malaysian cartoonist Zhang Baoling, also known as the “Tomato.”

“This is for the students to know more about the mega-policy of BRI, from theory to practice,” Hew, told Malaysiakini today.

In April, the Chinese and English versions were published, and the Malay version was recently issued. Additionally, 2,500 copies of comics were sent to schools of all levels.

Qiu Guangyao (editor of Ma Zhong Business Council) is a former member of the Malaysian Democratic Action Party.

He posted a tweet on Twitter in September. He said in simplified Chinese that he went to the Ministry of Education of Putrajaya to visit the Deputy Minister of Education, Zhang Nianqun, and reported to her about “promoting Malaysia.”

The aim is for academic students to use the Belt and Road Initiative to travel to China for further studies. They are awarded scholarships for outstanding results. It’s an incentive for poorer students of all ethnic groups to enable them to study at first-class Chinese universities. In addition, they are also offered in three languages. It aims for a Mutual benefit and win-win situation.

The Malaysian Ministry of Interior announced that it would quote the Printing Press and Publications Act of 1984 (Form 301) and list the comics of the “Belt and Road” in the three language versions as the object of the ban.

They said that the content of the comics may encourage support and sympathy for the “communist struggle.” They also said that people are worried that it will split ethnic groups and that it will cause readers to doubt the history of Malaysia, especially the younger generation.

The government is worried that people will start to question the leaders of the former countries and incite them to pursue national independence and development.

Therefore, those who illegally print, publish or own the comics of the 3rd edition will be prosecuted and will face up to three years in prison or a fine of RM20,000, the government stated.

The relevant personnel of the “Belt and Road” comics, including Qiu Guangyao, Zhang Baoling, and others, were all investigated by the police.

China infiltrated the “Snow Monster” animation film and censored it in Vietnam

Abominable ” was recently released and discovered by Vietnamese fans. In the picture, there are many maps showing China’s “so-called Nine-Segment Line”, which has caused the CCP to blow up and annoy Vietnamese authorities

The Abominable Snow Man animated film 2019

The Ministry of Culture of Vietnam promptly decided that the film will be censored and its license revoked.

The animated film is a fantasy comedy-adventure film in 3D computer animation. It is a collaboration between American DreamWorks and the “Oriental DreamWorks” joint venture with China.

It’s about a Chinese girl’s adventure with Snowy. The snowman is a Tibetan Yeti, believed to be a mythical monster resembling a large, hairy, apelike being that supposedly inhabits the Himalayas.

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