The 1st of its Kind? Thai Forensic Doctor Suspected of being Killed by Corpse Infection

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April 16, 2020, by Yue Jianqing)

The CCP coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) is extremely infectious, and the virus is still evolving. Not only have there been reports of animals getting infected, but there has also been a case of “corpse transmissions,” recently. According to a report published by the Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine a few days ago, a forensic doctor in Thailand died of a virus infection last month, most likely because of contact with a diagnosed patient’s corpse. It is considered to be the world’s first case of suspected “corpse transmission.”

Comprehensive foreign media reported that this case was published on March 20. At the time, there were 272 confirmed cases in Thailand, most of which came from abroad, and there were no cases of transmission in the community. 

According to the report, only two medical personnel were diagnosed in Thailand at the time, one was a medical assistant and the other was a forensic doctor in Bangkok, Thailand. The forensic doctor then died after the diagnosis. According to the report, this is the first case of a forensic doctor who died after being infected with the virus. 

The picture shows on April 14, 2020, a medical staff tested the people passing by in front of Vibhavadi Hospital in Bangkok. (Photo source: LILLIAN SUWANRUMPHA / AFP via Getty Images)

This report was co-authored by Won Sriwijitalai of RVT Medical Center in Bangkok, Thailand and Viroj Wiwanitkit of Patil University in Mumbai, India.

The two authors said in the report that because community transmission is still limited, forensic medical contact with diagnosed patients is very low. Nevertheless, forensic experts will be examining the biological samples and the corpses of the patients. Forensic personnel will use protected equipment and wear protective clothing, gloves, goggles, hats, and masks. In addition, the autopsy site will be thoroughly disinfected during forensic work.

The report also mentioned that because Thailand does not have the practical experience for performing autopsies on deceased patients, there is currently no data on how much of the virus remains in corpses.

The Thai medical department announced on March 25 that the diagnosed patient’s corpse was not infectious. However, funeral staff around the world are still concerned.

Angelique Corthals, a professor of pathology at the City University of New York ’s School of Criminal Justice, told BuzzFeed News that not only medical examiners but also mortuary technicians and funeral home staff need “to take extra care.” Health policy experts at New Haven University also believe that people who come into contact with the corpse of a diagnosed patient should be doubly protected.

According to a recent report by the New York Times, US studies have found that the CCP virus can survive on plastic and stainless steel surfaces for up to 48 -72 hours. According to Sanli News Channel’s report on the 16th, the Taiwanese forensic doctor, Gao Dacheng, who has 35 years of experience in the field stated that the virus can continue exist in the cells of the human body after the patient has died. While the cells have not completely died, viruses may still be transmitted. It’s not contagious per se, but a body’s cells take at least three days to die off completely.

The World Health Organization stated in March that there is currently no evidence of anyone becoming infected through contact with corpses of diagnosed patients, but added if new evidence appears, these claims may be revised.

(Editor’s note) The virus that caused the outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan came from China under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese Communist authorities concealed the truth and the epidemic spread globally. People from Wuhan, Hubei, and even all Chinese and people around the world are victims. The CCP is not China, nor does it represent China. Therefore, the virus that emerged under the CCP ’s governance should be called the “CCPV.”

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