Shen Yun Performs in Place des Arts Canada Transporting Audiences to the ‘Living Rainbow and Dream Worlds’ of Ancient China

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January 5, 2020

On January 3, 2020, Shen Yun World Art Troupe performed its second performance at the Wilfrid-Pelletier Theater in Place des Arts, Canada. Shen Yun presenters wished the audience a prosperous New Year.  Audiences enjoyed the superb show as the dancers brought the glory of Chinese civilization for 5,000 years to life.

Daniel Paradis, a sales director, said after watching Shen Yun’s performance, “The art of Shen Yun is superb. It is unique and perfect in terms of screenplay, music, costumes, color, dynamic backdrops, and the combination of music and dance. Especially striking are the scene changes and the ‘sky curtain’ making people feel that everything is changing constantly; the scene transports one to 2000 years ago for a while and the goes back 1000 years ago; then back to the present. The final moment – when a flood approaches the city, and the Creator appears, this is my favorite scene,” he said.

When talking about the favorite show, Professor Vu and his wife agreed that the favorite show of dancing on the sleeves is beautiful. 
(Image source: Shen Yun Art Troupe’s official website) Shen Yun

Paradis said that all aspects of Shen Yun’s performance are ‘seamless and amazing.’

As dazzling as diamonds

Nicholas Powell, a senior investor, and director of a well-known Canadian media company expressed empathy for the artists when interviewed after the show. He said: “There will always be hardships and you will eventually win respect. The beauty of Shen Yun is as dazzling as a diamond. I want to pay tribute to each of you and thank you for your efforts.”

Powell said that the current world is careless but Shen Yun gifts people with peace. He said, “This world needs Shen Yun.”

Korean Oil Painter: Shen Yun displays the beauty of Ancient Chinese Art

Sunny Park, owner of a Korean gallery, and a painter herself watched the show with her daughters. She said, “Korean culture has been deeply influenced by Chinese art in history, and traditional dance (Shen Yun) makes me feel very kind inside. The costumes are also very tasteful and colorful.”

Mrs. Park said that she grew up in South Korea, so she has a deep understanding of the extensiveness of Chinese traditional culture. “For a long period of history, in art or science, Chinese traditional culture had a huge impact. The culture once prospered, but it is now suffering. “

Therefore, in this light of Shen Yun working on restoring the 5,000-year-old culture, Mrs. Park had this to say, “The idea conveyed by the performance, the purity of the dancers as they bring the authenticity of classical Classical dance to the audience, the idea of ​​selflessness, is very meaningful. This is a very touching reflection. “

Traditional Culture University

15 members of the family of Victor Vu, a professor at the University Concordia in Montreal, watched Shen Yun together.

It was Professor Vu’s idea to see Shen Yun. The whole family was fascinated by the idea of a performance of traditional culture. Finally, they bought a total of 15 tickets, and everyone watched Shen Yun with great enthusiasm.

As an Asian, Professor Vu had similar feelings when watching the show. ” I feel there is an affiliation with Vietnamese culture, we also have ancient legends, we have seen these from the show.”

Professor Vu’s wife, Vanessa Tran, also expressed her feelings, she said in an interview, “Very good performance, we saw something that’s similar to Vietnamese culture.” The traditional Chinese culture displayed on the stage made her admire ancient Chinese culture. She said, “China is a vast country, I am very happy to see such music and history. “

What touched Professor Vu was the traditional values ​​of virtue and goodness portrayed by the dancers.

In his view, traditional culture contains values such as these. “Encourage people to be good people, keep good faith, heal people’s hearts, etc. “

When talking about the favorite part of the show, Professor Vu and his wife agreed the Sleeves Dance was the most beautiful.

Students from Mainland China: Shen Yun music makes me feel like home

Mr. Lo, who has studied in China from Guangdong to North America, said that although he has only been overseas for 3 years, this is the second time he has seen Shen Yun. “It just looks good, it looks good! I like the last dance in the first half very much, very impressive!” Mr. Law chimed in, “The dancers performed brilliantly. They portrayed the noble character of the Mongolian people. It is great, I feel so happy!” When he learned that Shen Yun has 7 groups performing in the world at the same time and spreading the essence of Chinese traditional culture to the world, he said: “They have done a very good job in reviving traditional culture. The performance also reveals the timeless stories of each Dynasty in Chinese history.”

In addition, Shen Yun’s original music made Mr. Lo yearn for his homeland he said, “I feel the taste of my hometown. Chinese New Year is coming soon. He said that listening to Shen Yun music “gives me a very warm feeling.


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