Rare Pink Dolphins in Hong Kong’s Harbour are Being Chased Away

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Pink dolphins in Hong Kong’s harbor? Quite. But their environment is getting more stressful by the day.

They are Chinese white dolphins to be exact.  The beauty of the pink dolphins is their rosy color. It’s derived from a network of blood vessels close to the surface of their skin.

But Conservationists warn that the rare dolphins are at risk of vanishing from Hong Kong waters.

Marine experts say the construction work on a 19-mile(31-km) bridge linking Asia with China disrupts interaction and feeding activities of the highly friendly animals.

The lessening of the pink dolphins is attributed to water pollution and habitat loss.

The $19-billion bridge across the Pearl River estuary is a real threat to their habitat and their numbers have slumped dramatically.

“The construction of this bridge poses quite a significant negative impact to the dolphins and caused their really great decline,” said Samantha Lee, an official of conservation group WWF in Hong Kong.

An increase in sea traffic, pollutants, noise pollution, and overfishing are chasing the dolphins away. It has affected the health and well-being of the dolphins.

Watch the highly interesting video below and read more about these rare pink dolphins and the prognosis for their survival in Hong Kong: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/20…


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