Quit the Party because God does not Tolerate the CCP

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During the recent protests in Hong Kong opposing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), there have been many banners reading “No More CCP” and “Heaven Does Not Tolerate the CCP” on display in the streets.

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These are not isolated occurrences. Rather, they collectively represent the voice of the Hong Kong residents seeking freedom after witnessing the brutality of the CCP in China.

As described in the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, published in 2004, the CCP is a regime with a history marred by cruelty, hatred, killing, lies, and terror. As one of the most vicious entities in human history, it opposes both mankind and nature, negatively impacting a huge number of Chinese people during the past few decades.

In addition to totalitarianism and mass murder, the CCP has destroyed Traditional Chinese culture and has constantly reinforced its iron rule via fear.

The regime, since its establishment, has launched numerous political campaigns suppressing and executing landlords in the countryside and business owners in the urban areas.

These campaigns killed and maimed indiscriminately – even those loyal to the CCP have become victims, including the intellectuals and students who first supported them.

It was estimated that two-thirds of all Chinese families have been affected by these campaigns. And the damage is seen everywhere throughout society, from diminished spirituality, ruined archaeological artifacts, and historical sites, to a decimated natural environment.

Crimes Against Humanity

Aside from mass killing, the CCP also persecutes people spiritually, as seen with the suppression of Falun Gong practitioners, which has been ongoing for the past 20 years. These practitioners simply follow a meditation and belief system based on the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. A massive number of people have been arrested, detained, imprisoned, and tortured since the CCP began persecuting Falun Gong in July 1999.

Inside detention centers, prisons, labor camps, and dedicated brainwashing centers, officials have tortured people physically and mentally in attempts to force them into giving up their spirituality.

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Mr. He Lifang, from Shandong Province, had been detained numerous times for his practice. In 2001, he was once beaten by 17 inmates simultaneously, leaving him in a coma on the verge of death. After being forced to run from the authorities for 17 years, he was arrested again in May 2019. He was unresponsive when his attorney visited him as well as during his court trial, making his family suspect that he had been subjected to psychological abuse. He died in custody on July 2, 2019. When his family went to the mortuary to view his body, they noticed open cuts on his chest and back, which they suspect is an indication of forced organ harvesting.

According to the Minghui website, more than 4,300 people have lost their lives to torture while in police custody, with many more having been detained and abused for practicing meditation.

Quit the CCP. Photo: Tuidang

After the book the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published, many Chinese people both inside China and overseas agreed to quit the CCP, including its junior organizations – the Youth League and Young Pioneers. Below is an example.

Ms. Chen, from Sydney, often speaks with Chinese tourists to debunk propaganda from the CCP. She once met a Chinese tour group when they stopped at the Sydney Opera House.

“It is very nice to meet you here,” she said as she greeted them with a smile.

“He is our supervisor [at work]. We all listen to him,” said one tourist, pointing to a man in the center of the group.

Ms. Chen explained that each person has to be responsible for their own life, and mentioned how good is rewarded with good and evil is punished in the end.

9 Commentaries on the CCP

She said, “Because of its bad deeds, the CCP will eventually be punished as a bad organization. We don’t want to be associated when that happens, right?”

The man nodded and said that he agreed that persecuting people and harvesting their organs for profit is unacceptable and not human behavior. The fact that all these things are hidden from the free world is a crime. He said he would seriously consider quitting the CCP. Several other people listened and after they saw the demeanor of Ms. Chen and her and her kind Falun Gong friends, they also made the choice to renounce their memberships from the Party.

The tourists took copies of each piece of printed information.

There has been a huge number of people — over 300 million, who have decided to separate themselves from the CCP organizations. They range from regular citizens, intellectuals, government officials, officers in the justice system, to military officials and even family members of those working in overseas Chinese embassies or consulates.

Response from the International Society.

Concerned about the political and economic instability in China, many officials have moved their family members and assets overseas. By doing so, they hope to find a safe haven for the future. The bad deeds committed by the CCP – especially their crimes against humanity and genocide – will naturally bring certain unfavorable consequences to its members.

As officials from the U.S. State Department said earlier this year, 28 countries have instituted or plan to enact laws similar to the U.S. Global Magnitsky Act against human rights violators.

Apart from the amazing work done by people outside China, Lawyers, and Human Rights advocates for the last 20 years since the start of the brutal persecution in China, and against the odds, in September 2019, a list of officials’ names was compiled of those who were involved in persecuting Falun Gong in China. It was submitted to four governments including Canada, the U.K., and Australia. They have requested that these countries deny visa approvals and to freeze the assets of these perpetrators.

In contrast to tightened measures against human rights perpetrators, certificates issued by the Global Centre for Quitting the CCP (Tuidang) have become an effective document in supporting cases for immigration; it is currently accepted by the U.S. and many Western countries.

In fact, a large number of CCP officials, including Party secretaries, have announced their separation from the CCP at overseas tourist sites.

In China, many people joined the CCP or its junior organizations out of social necessity.

Since they vowed to devote their lives to the entity at the joining ceremony, however, the specter of the CCP could take advantage of that and lead them on a journey of no freedom.

By the time the CCP is wiped out by history, these people will also be in real danger.

Quitting the CCP organizations is the only path towards a safe and bright future.

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