Publicity Official in Beijing Coping the Corona Virus Outbreak Gets a Phone Call that Changes his Life

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The frightening new coronavirus epidemic that originated in Wuhan has now spread to all provinces in China. Unfortunately, other Asian and Pacific regions, North America, and Europe have also reported infections.

All eyes are on the Chinese Communist Party now. It has been revealed that the Regime covered up epidemics in the past, and now with this new health threat, the world’s people are highly suspicious of CCP’s real intentions. Recent reports suggest the true scale of the outbreak is far worse than was officially announced.

The world is full of good people and many outside of China are also looking for ways to offer help. After the CCP began to suppress minority religious groups and especially the Falun Dafa spiritual movement, many people stood up for justice, doing all they could to protect human rights and the adherents of the peaceful qigong group. 

He was annoyed at the phone call

The deception of the CCP

Recently, a deputy director of a district publicity department in Beijing received a phone call from a woman who asked him if he knew how unreliable the CCP is, and that he should really reconsider his alliance with the party. The officer was highly annoyed by the call. “We’re facing a national disaster right now, and you’re asking me to quit the CCP? Why?” he asked impatiently.

“These two things are actually connected,” (meaning the virus and the CCP) The voice on the other side of the line said. “Would you grant me a few moments?”

In an interview, Wuhan Mayor Zhou Xianwang said that he didn’t disclose the information about the virus when it first appeared because he wasn’t authorized to do so. Doesn’t this show that it’s a systemic problem of the Party? After the virus was reported in early December, the government kept ordinary people in the dark. The reason was to ‘maintain stability’. In the end, they lost control of the outbreak and caused an even bigger panic. Doesn’t this show gross incompetence and lack of responsibility of the CCP towards their own people? It was the same with SARS. For months, the government covered it up and even went as far as to attack people who disclosed information that people were entitled to know of.

Christians fed to the lions

The Roman Empire’s horrible persecution of Christians and subsequent plagues killed about two-thirds of its population. The CCP’s brutal persecution of Falun Gong and other religious minorities is a crime not dissimilar to what the Roman Empire did to so many people.

The voice said, “There are higher invisible powers in the universe who see and weigh everyone’s hearts and minds. We, human beings can’t always see what’s real, therefore we often make mistakes. You need to withdraw from the Party, in order to avoid paying for its crimes when it’s eventually held accountable,” she urged.

The officer warmed towards her. Somewhere deep inside his heart her words resonated with him. He listened quietly and said he was not involved in the persecution of Falun Gong.

Wishing People Peace and Health

The woman went on, “All these years, the Falun Gong have risked their lives to tell people the truth. It’s not politics. It’s about being a good person. I’m paying for this call, and you’re not losing anything. We all hope you can make it through. Our message is simple, True, Good, Endure are such powerful words it can ward off disaster.”

Moved by the woman’s sincerity, the officer said, felt grateful and thanked her for the call.

She said, “The virus spreads from human to human, and it’s deadly. Other than wearing facial masks and maintaining personal hygiene, there is not much else you can do. Only, if you are able to hear what I am saying, withdraw from the CCP organizations and recite those 3 sacred words, you will find it will form a powerful shield of protection around you and keep you and your family safe.”It means that the best in your heart has come out and this means that you are a good person and deserve to be protected.”

The lotus opens her petals to the sun/ Symbol of Compassion

The officer didn’t realize they had been talking of over half an hour. He looked inside his heart and realized the weight of the woman’s words. Although they were only connected by a phone line, he felt as if it was a golden lifeline. He made his choice then and there and decided to make a stand for truth and justice.

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