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Numerous Fires in Chinese Consulate Houston; Police Investigate Reports of Burning Documents

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Recent fires in the courtyard of the Chinese Consulate-General in Houston have been reported to the Houston Fire Department. Smoke was seen rising from the outside of The Chinese Consulate on 3417 Montrose Boulevard just after 8 pm.  It appears that official documents are being burned in the courtyard. Officials from the Houston Fire Department and Houston Police Department are currently at the scene.

Click 2 reporters stated that Houston police received numerous complaints of smoke rising from the building’s courtyard and the smell of burning paper. Dozens of Houston first responders are at the scene. Houston Fire and Houston Police are responding to the fires at the Consulate General of China. KPRC reported that the consulate was ordered to close by Friday along with a compound where many consulate employees live, citing police sources. Here is what the scene looks like there right now.

In light of the escalating tensions between the United States and China over the Chinese Communist Party’s untruths about the CCP coronavirus, it’s clear the U.S is not going to let China off the hook easily.

Politico reported that when President Donald Trump signed a bill into law in July that sanctioned “Chinese officials, businesses and banks which help China restrict Hong Kong’s autonomy,” that the move would most likely fan the flames of the already tense diplomatic ties between the two countries. It is likely that it could prompt retaliation from Beijing.  The sanctions bill by the Trump administration sent a clear message to China for its new National Security law that U.S. Officials, Lawmakers, and Legal experts say “effectively ends the former British colony’s separate legal system.” President Trump said, “This law gives my administration powerful new tools to hold responsible the individuals and the entities involved in extinguishing Hong Kong’s freedom.”

The  New York Times reported that the Trump Administration additionally barred 11 new Chinese companies from purchasing American technology and products without a special license, saying “the firms were complicit in human rights violations in China’s campaign targeting Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang region.”

Sanctioned companies include suppliers to major international brands such as Apple, Ralph Lauren, Google, HP, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss and Muji,  the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, a think tank established by the Australian government reported.

In a blistering speech by Attorney General  William Barr on the danger Chinese Communist Party and the imminent threat it poses to the world at this critical point in time, propagandist Hua Chunyin lashed out by saying, “Some in the U.S., driven by ideological bias, have been sparing no effort to paint China as a rival or even adversary, smear and attack China and encircle and contain its development,” Hua, whose official title is Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman,  told reporters, “The U.S. is pressing the accelerator to trash China-U.S. relations, while China is putting the brakes on. Certain U.S. politicians are so irresponsible that they will say whatever needs to be said to make China a target. The world has already seen through the U.S. playbook of fabricating narratives to deflect attention. Possessed by such evil, they are on the brink of losing their mind,” she said.

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