New Zealand Latest Country To Ban Distribution Of Single-use Plastic Bags

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WELLINGTON —From Monday 1 July, single-use plastic bags are officially banned in New Zealand for all retail outlets.

Waste Minimisation (Plastic Shopping Bags) Regulations 2018 has stipulated that the law be brought into force on Monday.

Stores, supermarkets and restaurants will not be allowed to sell or distribute any single-use plastic shopping bags.

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Any plastic bag which that has handles and is less than 70 microns thick is defined as single-use plastic shopping bags. Only plastic bags used to preserve fruit and vegetables and other areas of supermarkets are exceptions.

Spokesperson Ms. Sage said, “New Zealanders are proud of our country’s clean, green reputation and want to help ensure we live up to it. The plastic shopping bag ban is one step to tackle New Zealand’s waste issues. We also need to recharge our materials recovery and recycling systems and shift to a circular economy.”

New Zealand retailers are embracing the new trend away from the single-use plastic bag. The change away from single-use plastic shopping bags is already in full force in the mainstream supermarkets.

A period of six months has been allotted to all business’s ahead of the ban to phase-out single-use plastic bags.

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