Meditation magic with rainbow appear on the top of Sierra Nevada mountain

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Rainbow magic at the European Purification Rainbow Gathering

Today I found these photos. It reminds me of a touching story a few years ago in the Sierra Nevada mountain Spain.

It was 7 years ago…….

I went to the European Purification Rainbow Gathering, held high up in the mountains. Even though it’s May there was still snow, rain and hail. My friend and I had to camp overnight until the storm calmed down. Then we continued our climb.

After about 5 hours hiking we finally got to the top. We were so happy to meet the others, a big group of friendly people.

I must explain what a Purification Rainbow Gathering is. Guess most people knows about the rainbow gathering is one of the biggest spiritual gathering in the world. But some might don’t know there is also purification rainbow gathering. On this camp there is no drugs, no smoking, no alcohol, and no meat – it is all vegetarian. There is a spiritual feeling to the camp, and once a year people get together from different countries to share in this experience.

The vegetarian food is made in a big tent, and shared out to everyone. Everyone sits in a big circle to eat, called a food circle. Before starting everyone holds hands and sings some songs to say thanks for the food, including thanking mother earth. After the meal there is a “talking circle”, passing around a wooden stick; holding the stick gives that person the opportunity to talk.

When everything is finished some people come round with the “magic hat”, collecting money for the meal. There is no pressure to pay. If someone has more money they can donate more. If someone has no money they brow a kiss to the hat.

Many people set up workshops and offer them to others for free. I had join one which is teach people how to reganize the eatable plants from nature. After that I really found that the nature is supermarket !

Workshop about how to find the eatable food in nature

Quickly I started a workshop to share Falun Dafa Qigong with everyone. A few people start joined in do the standing exercise together, and the snow rain was less, the weather started to get better. Day by day more and more people joined in the practice. The weather just magically got better and better until finally totally sunny, banishing all the snow and hail.

I really need a better photographer

On the 9th day I shared the last part of the Falun Dafa workshop, which is the meditation. That day it was a bit raining in the morning, and everyone gathered together in a big tent. I started to share the meditation movement I learned from Master. I was surprised that everyone was interested to learn and meditate. After we finished, the rain also magically stopped.

“Look! How beautiful!” We all followed the voice and ran outside – a beautiful rainbow illuminating the sky.

“We all meditate before but the weather didn’t changed, It must be the FalunDafa meditation power that made it happen!”. Someone said.

“Yes! Yoo-hoo!” A lot agree with joyful cheering.

“Hi my name is Melissa, I’m an Italian musician. May I talk to you?”
“Sure!” I turn my head and see that this girl is the one that was against me in the workshop at the beginning. I thought she wanted to fight with me again.

Melissa continued: “I think I’m a spiritual person, I like to meditate, and I have been to many spiritual communities. I have never seen such beautiful and strong light from anyone else during meditation! ”

“Oh? What happened?” I wonder.

“I saw the strong light comes out from you and surrounding you. So beautiful! So beautiful! It is hard to describe!!” She is very excited with breathless voice.

“Yes?” I reply.

“Yes!!! I can’t draw it out to you, there is no such color in the human world. It’s an amazing light! I would like to know more about you and your meditation school. What is your name and what do you do?” asked Melissa.

“Well my name is Iuni, I’m a Chinese designer and backpacker. I like to practice Falun Gong. I’m so happy to hear you would like to know more about this school. ”

“Yes iuni, please, tell me more about it!”

“Well, It is also called Falun Dafa, it’s a really ancient cultivation practice , traditionally only passed down to one person throughout the ages in history. In China, high level cultivation practices were always passed down to only one person. it’s the only cultivation practice that cultivates both mind and body that is open to the public nowadays .” I continue.

“Interesting! You know what, I like Chinese people and Chinese culture. I got my saxophone from a Chinese man. I must tell you the full story! ”

I smile and listen. Melissa continue:

“Ever since I was a teenager my hearts desire was to have a saxophone, but I was just a poor student. Every day I made the wish to have a saxophone. After one year and one day I took a long walk during my travels, to save money. A car passed by me and stopped. It was a Chinese man. With kindness and sincerity he spoke to me: ‘It’s dangerous for a girl to walk alone on this road. Where do you want to go? I can drive you there.’

I said thank you, happy to get a ride. During our conversation in the car, he learns that I would like a saxophone. He said he can support me, it is not big money for him. That’s how I have a saxophone now…”

Melissa is happy to share her experience.

“I’m so happy for you to have the saxophone you wished about for such a long time.”

“So I have a very good feeling about Chinese and Chinese culture, you must teach me more about this cultivation school.”

“Yes, Most schools talk about Nirvana, that is letting your body get old, sick and then dying, with the spiritual body rising up to heaven. Almost every school and all religions belong to this level. Only a few cultivation schools reach the upper level of Nirvana, that which can totally heal all kinds of illness, preserve youth, and being able to reach enlightenment before death. Falundafa is the only one such school now open to the public for the first time, taught by Master Li Hongzhi in a way people can easily understand…… Since it is the best healing school, more and more people came to practice. According to research by the State Sport department in China, more than 97% of people get more healthy by practicing Falun Gong.”

“Wow interesting”, Melissa smile.

“But unfortunately the Communist Party of China (CCP) is dictatorship. ban this practice later, jealous of it’s popularity. It’s like another Tibetan group too big size. CCP Imagine it can be another political power. Therefor CCP create lots of fake news as excuse to persecute Falundafa practitioners. Many practitioners in China are persecuted heavily till die, and they die by organ harvesting in life ……” I feel sad and bow my head.

“Oh, sorry to hear that, and sorry for my arrogant attitude at the begining of your workshop. Are you angry with me?” Melissa speaks with regret in her voice.

“It’s ok I don’t mind”. I smile like nothing happened. I’m not a person to get angry easily.

“How long will you stay here?” Melissa wonder.

“I will leave tomorrow, this is my last night”

“Oh, where will you go?”

“Back home to Granada Spain.”

“Nice place! May I follow you? I want to learn more!” Melissa speaks anxiously.

“Yes if you like.”

“Oh great and may I stay a couple days?”

“Yes no problem you can stay in my flat if you need.”

“Perfect!” Melissa is so exciting and hugs me…

Rainbow Gathering Hug

That night was full moon. After lunch during the talking circle everyone discusses how to celebrate the full moon, mainly mentioning singing and dancing. When the talking stick passes to me, I look at this funny stick with lovely mashroom on it(Don’t know who fund it😄) and suggest that how about we all meditate for 15 minutes at midnight, to clean ourself and bring the peace to the world.

“Such a good idea!” someone answer… more and more people agree. I’m quite surprised they like my idea.

The top of Sierra Nevada

During sunset, more and more people get together in a fire circle. I watch the beautiful sunset with the beautiful light warm up on each beautiful face, start to enjoy to play the flute, people also start playing different musical instruments that coordinate with the melody i start, such a harmonious, wonderful life music . The others dance with the melody……such a wonderful moment.

Starting the fire for celebrate the full moon

About midnight I thought everyone was enjoying the party too much to stop for meditation, but everyone suddenly stops and starts to meditate together. The silence comes so quick it shocked me. I feel the heart of everyone, it’s so pure at this moment. I share how to send righteous thoughts. First to clean our minds, remove all selfish ego attachments. Then clean all the bad factors in all dimension of the world which against the universe law—-Dafa. For bring the peace to the world……

I share the powerful Mantra, We name it out in the same time: Fazheng qiankun Xiee quanmie!……

The wind stops, the cicada stop singing, the world enters silence still moment……

15 minutes passes, everyone keeps meditating for half an hour……

Finally we open our eyes and see each others faces from the warm fire’s light. We smile at each other, feel the joy and pure love, with compassion and sincerity. Such an unforgettable touching moment……

The following morning, the sunny warm light woke me up.

“Look! Look! Two rainbows in the sky! So beautiful!!”

I run out.

“Wow! That’s amazing as there is no rain today!”

“Again, must be our meditation power that touched the heart of the sky, and make the rainbows appear.”

“Yes definitely! Amazing! Wow!!!”

We are really happy! We run around in the sunshine hugging each other. The reason we didn’t photo the two rainbows? Too busy enjoying the moment! 😉

The next day Melissa and I leave together. On the way back we must stay one night in the forest again. I had heard that this is a bear area, and I still remember very clearly how we camped at night with a brave heart, truly believing that no bear would come to us. Our thinking can effect to our life. I shared some scripture from Falun Dafa: “If you are not afraid, the factor that would make you afraid will cease to exist.” This is the law of the universe and that night we were safe.

The next morning I woke up from the sounds of Melissa yelling: “Guess what? We are two beautiful girls sleeping on a sea of flowers! Wow! So beautiful!!!” I look around and see that it’s true. We play around in the flowers, with lots of joy……

Melissa follows me all the way back to Grenada. Since she is Italian I print her the book [Zhuan Falun] in Italian. She starts to read it straight away, very focussed and determined.

“Lunchtime Melissa, let’s eat.”

“I’m not hungry thanks.” – Melissa continues to read…

“Dinner time now Melissa, lets eat together,” I say.

“Thanks but I’m alright, you eat first.” Melissa didn’t move away her eyes from the book…

Till the next early morning bout 3-4am, Melissa finally finishes the book and looks at me: “Iuni are you sleeping already? May I talk to you?” – Melissa speaks excitedly.

“Yes but I can still talk to you if you like,” I answer with sleepy voice.

“Thank you so much for introducing me to Falun Dafa and this book! It’s so interesting! I will always remind myself about truth, compassion forbearance! Thanks again!”

“You are welcome. Indeed the world need this value! You are not sleepy?” I smile to her.

“Not at all!”

“You are amazing to finish it in one day!” I said.

“I’m really very happy for you to obtain the Fa, the real cultivation wisdom.”

“It’s so amazing I couldn’t stop, first time I discover so much interesting secrets of the spiritual world which I never found from any other spiritual books! It has solved many of my problems and questions in life. And it is truly a book of high level cultivation. ”

《Zhuanfalun》Turn the law wheel.
There is different languages version online for free:

“I must quit smoking, true cultivation doesn’t need it. I won’t smoke from tomorrow!” Melissa speaks with determination.

“Oh I didn’t know you were a smoker, you just stopped for the purification rainbow gathering? ” I wonder.

“Yes, I’m a heavy smoker, it’s difficult but I will quit for sure.”

“I have friends easily quit the smoke by practice Falungong. If you really want to quit you can for sure! ”

We both smile…

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