Masked Thugs Clad in Black Set Fire to the Epoch Times Printing Press in Hong Kong

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In the early hours of Nov. 19, the Epoch Times Hong Kong printing facility was broken into and employees threatened with batons. The masked men proceeded to set fire to the media’s printing equipment.

Fire destroys printing machines

The management believes its the Chinese Communist Party taking advantage of Hong Kong’s protests. They have also tried to thwart the media from publishing the truth about incidents in Hong Kong and in Mainland China before.

A spokeswoman for the Hong Kong Epoch Times, Cheryl Ng said the incident had the hallmarks of the CCP’s tactics aimed at intimidating the paper from reporting on topics deemed sensitive to the regime. The Epoch Times Hong Kong has been capturing live footage and published on the scene incidents.

Sen. Josh Hawley responded to the intrusion by saying its deeply disturbing adding that any assault on the freedom of the press is an assault on the liberty that was promised to the people of Hong Kong. Its an assault to the basic function of democracy,” he said.

The Epoch Times is an international media based in New York whose main concern is bringing the facts to the people of the world. It is a media that has come through many trials and tribulations due to being genuinely committed to the wellbeing of the Chinese Nation.

Chinese Epoch Times

The attack from the thugs occurred as the staff was preparing to send off newly printed papers to the stands.

The 4 persons threatened the staff with batons shouting in Chinese “All of you, don’t move!”

Surveillance footage showed two persons carrying batons similar to police batons. One person carried the newspapers and another brought flammable liquid and poured it onto the floor. The liquid was spread around printing machines and newspapers One person lit a fire and then all of them quickly ran away.

Luckily the water sprinkler turned on and staff used a fire extinguisher to kill the flames. The staff called the police and fire department. The Tsuen police bureau has promised to launch an investigation. Two printing machines 4 rolls of printing paper and several stacks of newspapers went up in flames.

It’s not the first time the CCP has tried to destroy the Epoch Times.

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