Justin Trudeau’s Blind Admiration of China and the WHO puts Canadians in the Path of Danger

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The world health organization (WHO) failed in its responsibility towards all nations who mistakenly believed in it. To add injury to insult the organization whitewashed Chinas “early” response to the crises. Canada’s Justin Trudeau’s support of WHO is naive and irresponsible and it bodes ill for Canada. The refusal of the Trudeau Liberal government to condemn China & the WHO, and by ignoring Taiwan’s approach is troubling.

Taiwan is the one country that is least connected to the WHO, and the country has been a shining example in its strategy of fighting the CCP virus.

Justin Trudeau Photo: Epoch Times

Taiwan is acutely aware of the danger of the CCP. The country has learned to absolutely not trust the Regime. Through the bitter lessons it experienced in the past, Taiwan knows to be skeptical of any organization that has been co-opted by that CCP Regime.

Taiwan’s leaders took control of their own country and ignored the lies of China & the WHO. They took strong, early action to protect their own people. The outcome is indisputable. There are fewer cases in their entire country than in most Canadian provinces.

The Taiwan approach worked by refusing to collaborate with China. The WHO failed. Now, it has to bear the responsibility of causing the massive loss of life in countries around the world and their economic destruction.

Nhu Xuan Hua for TIME

The Trudeau Liberal government is clearly following the Chinese model as it continues to prioritize their ideological obsession with political correctness by placing themselves above the needs of the Canadian People.

Theresa Tamis nothing more than a puppet. She does nothing for the Canadians. She is not a leader and follows the WHO sheepishly. When the organization issues a statement, she blindly goes along with them. It’s evident with her flip-flop on masks, her refusal to support border closures, and her claims that the “risk was low.”

Despite the obvious fact that the WHO is nothing more than a tool of the ruthless CCP regime, the Liberal government still blindly supports it.

Canadians are worried about China’s infiltration of their nation. and are beginning to question the loyalty of those in power.

China is aiming for world control. That is their mindset. The Trudeau government is extremely close to the CCP regime. When will they learn that The CCP’s plan is to instill fear, death, and economic destruction worldwide?

Canadian leaders should follow the example of Taiwan and strongly condemn China & the WHO. They must take decisive action. This goes for other countries in the world as well. We must end our reliance on China moving forward.

Source: https://thepostmillennial.com/trudeaus-admiration-of-china-and-who-will-damage-canada-forever

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