Is the Confucious Institute for Higher Learning In Israel Joining With 33 Universities To Close The Doors?

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Numerous political groups have claimed that Confucius Institutes threaten academic freedom and spread Chinese communist propaganda around the world. Is the Confucious Institute for Higher learning in Israel about to close?
As of April 2019 at least 33 Universities around the world have cut ties with the Confucious Institute due to claims of injury to academic freedom, creating censorship, discrimination on conditions of employment, espionage and more.


Will Israel follow the U.S Canada, France, Sweden, and others and forgo hundreds of millions of dollars?
An Award Winning documentary “In the Name of Confucious” accompanied by a determined group of citizens struggling to close the Confucious Institute addresses the problematic side of the Institute and raises tough questions.
On Tuesday the 18.6.19 a special screening of the film a the Gaifa cinematheque will offer and an opportunity to the audience take part in the discussion. For further information and tickets to the screening follow updates of Facebook – 

Watch the video below.

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