“In case I fall too, please save my mother first,” A daughter pleads on behalf of her family in Wuhan

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[See China  January 27, 2020]

A young woman caught in the midst of the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus is trapped inside her home with her family as her elderly mother is on the brink of death … here is her story:

”I am one of the thousands of Wuhan people and one of the families of tens of millions of patients infected with the new coronavirus. 

” It started when my mother began to feel feverish at the beginning of January. I thought she had a cold. She had a fever-reduction injection in the community clinic for a week, but the fever didn’t go away. I had no choice but to take my mother away from work and take her to Wuhan Central Hospital ( Nanjing Road Courtyard)

The day was January 20th. This day still lingers in my mind because, in the blood test and on the outpatient CT lung film, a new type of coronavirus pneumonia infection showed up. The doctor said in a whispered voice, it’s the virus that the media has been reporting about online. I heard the news at the time. I thought of asking the doctor on how to treat it, or should she be to be hospitalized or isolated. The doctor answered that one week of injections was needed before returning to the clinic. We sent our mother to the hospital for injections every day. The clinics were jam-packed. We waited in line in the morning and waited until 6 or 7 pm for the injections because the patients who sent out the emergency clinics require registration consultation every day, and there was no place to sit, so I waited for the other patients to leave, and then sat for a long time. it was hard for me, a young person, not to mention a sick and elderly mother?

Her mother needs professional care Photo/Pixabay

The injections continued for two days when the nurse told us that the clinic at Wuhan Central Hospital will be closed (January 23).

Only Wuhan No. 4 Hospital Branch, Wuhan No. 5 Hospital, Wuhan No. 7 Hospital, Wuhan No. 9 Hospital, Wuhan Hankou Hospital, Wuchang Hospital, Wuhan Red Cross Hospital was going to receive patients.

We ran to the Wuhan Red Cross Hospital near our home. It was overcrowded, and the hospital stopped the water supply. We waited until the next day for the injection. We went back to Wuhan Central Hospital, but as Wuhan Eighth Hospital is medically connected to Wuhan Central Hospital, we were told to go to Wuhan Eighth Hospital with my family. Two hours later we saw the doctor. The follow up of the CT of my mother’s infection showed a double lung infection. A large area of ​​left lung shadow, and right lung accompanied by shadow. Neither the doctors at Wuhan Central Hospital nor the Eighth Hospital would officially confirm the coronavirus infection. My mother was given medicine, without being granted inpatient isolation treatment.

On January 24th, I ran to the Wuhan Red Cross Hospital with my brother to register early. My brother was lined up at the hospital for treatment for fever. I took my mother to the eighth hospital for injection (the patients at the Red Cross Hospital have already been lined up). I took my mother home for a rest. I went to the hospital to rotate with my brother as I had also had a fever. In the evening I saw the doctor. I returned home and picked up my mother and father and went to the Wuhan Red Cross Hospital for consultation. After the doctor saw my CT report, the need for daily injections treatment was confirmed. I hoped the hospital had a bed for my mother and we rushed around trying to find a doctor to open admission procedures for professional medical care.

From January 24 to the present, my brother and I rushed to Wuhan Red Cross Hospital every morning to ask the doctor if there was a bed for my mother. Every time I sought a doctor, I got the same response. The hospital has no beds, listen to the government notice, pay more attention to the news.’

Our family is constantly rotating at the hospital from morning to night every day. My father and I are advised to stay at home to take care of my mother because of the inconvenience of her being old. We are worried about cross-infection! 

One morning, my brother lined up to find a doctor to ask if there was an available bed. I took my mother to Wuhan No. 8 Hospital for an injection. I drove to other government-designated hospitals to check whether she could be hospitalized. I was praying that the condition would not get worse.

On January 25th, I took my mother to the eighth hospital for an injection as usual. My fever was raging for 5 days and so I underwent another CT scan, The doctor told me that I had biochemical lesions. The shadow of my lungs is expanding. My right lung infection was not too bad but now my right lung also is ​​infected. I asked for professional treatment in a professional hospital for my mother but I always hear, “there are no beds.” We have no choice but to wait;” I am thinking, I can wait, but my elderly mother cannot wait.

I follow the news every day. The news reports so many positive rescue measures every day, do we really experience it as front-line patients? The news said that the government designated seven hospitals with an estimated 3,000 empty beds for the infected people who were diagnosed.

Was my infected mother admitted? As of press time, more than 700 cases from Wuhan were not accepted. The doctors at the hospitals have been clearly informed of the diagnosis, yet they are unable to open a confirmation form and did not process admissions. (During the consultation, the doctor said that the patients who are currently diagnosed need government approval before they can be confirmed.)

Who really knows how many infected patients have no way to get the confirmation form and how many cannot go to the hospital. It can only be treated by drug injections at the clinic. Every day the hospital says, “It will be available tomorrow. The new hospital will be opened soon. Other hospitals will soon receive patients”

I’ve heard enough! I’ve seen enough news!  Enough is enough! From morning till night, my nerves are shot. I am worried every day, for fear of missing the latest news! !! !! 

If I fall one day, please arrange my mother first! !! !! It has been more than ten days since my family became infected with pneumonia, and our condition is getting worse every day. Apart from worrying, we are all powerless! 

This is still the case, no matter how good the news is, the hospital is still difficult to see, difficult to be hospitalized, and difficult to treat!

On January 26, vehicles in Wuhan have been banned from driving except approved ones!  I told my father to rush to the community neighborhood committee to ask about transport. The answer I get is that the taxis used in the community can only be used to transport supplies.

Patients cant get to the hospital for medical treatment. It’s hard getting to the doctor’s office. There are no taxis on the road, and no cars arranged by the government! !! !! The city is closed, so you ca n’t go out. The three towns in Wuhan are isolated and closed. One can’t go to the hospital in Wuchang. All public transportation has stopped, I ’ll have to rent a car to see a doctor. How can you tell me to go to the hospital while I am trapped at home waiting for death?

I used to be an enthusiastic person who was optimistic about everything. I believe that a strong country can solve the problems for our people.

The family needs proper medical care. Photo: Pixabay

I believed that the government could truly implement the instructions of the central government. But now, I am chilled to the bone.  Tomorrow will be the same as usual. Every day cannot go to the hospital for treatment How can I get there? How can I get a seriously infected mother to be properly diagnosed in the hospital for professional treatment? Can anyone help me, country, government? I am so exhausted, my mother is getting worse and worse! 

If I can’t go to the hospital as soon as I wake up, I’m sure I will do everything to get my mother treated and protect my family.

They are more important than my death. As long as I am alive, I will do everything in my power to save my mother and find her an ambulance!”

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