Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

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14 February is Valentines Day and though many people think it just a way to make money, love’s ardor can never wane.  Predestined souls will find one another and love will be celebrated — poetry and songs will forever be created to  glorify this magical thing called “love”

The Father of English Literature, Geoffrey Chaucer wrote: For this was on St Valentines Day when every bird cometh to choose his mate.”

Remember feeling your cheeks turn bright red upon seeing your fancy? Or when you stumbled over your words on your first date? What about the endless days and nights spent yearning for one’s true love?

And what of the agony of separation?


Well, since ancient times people used to associate this phenomenon to be the work of the supernatural being called Cupid— God of Love in Ancient Roman mythology.

With his bow and arrows, he would shoot them randomly — it has been said that no-one is completely immune from Cupids arrows.

So try as you might duck his mischievous arrows, they will find you to make you feel the transience of earthly love.

Wishing all lovers a romantic and happily-ever-after Valentines!

Listen to one of the most beautiful love songs ever written





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