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Hard-line Drug Addicts Discover Free Cure

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A young Chinese guy named Liuge happened to be cross paths with someone who would change his life forever in the summer of 2016. The guy was giving out flyers in the street when Liuge asked him for a brochure.

Luige read the content of the bright brochure and said, “I am a drug addict. Will I be able to get rid of my addiction if I practiced this meditation and took the principles of the Chinese qigong that you are sharing to heart”?


He told him that if he sincerely recited a certain phrase he would receive blessings.

Liuge invited him to his home and then he gave him a copy of the main text of the traditional self-cultivation practice called Falun Dafa. The book explains the root of illness and the principles of the cosmos. 

The next day, Luige contacted the guy and told him, “I recited ‘Falun Dafa is Great! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is Great.’ He said that he experienced a feeling of incredible joy. He said, “I even destroyed the drugs that cost thousands of yuan.” 

Falun Gong is Good

He went on to tell a sad story of his friend who was hospitalized due to drug addiction. His wife had divorced him and took their child. Even his parents and siblings cut ties with him.

Liuge told his family and friends about what he experienced and encouraged them to quit the Chinese Communist Party. He clarified that Falun Gong is harmless and good for people and that they don’t deserve to be persecuted. He exclaimed, “I am blessed. Everything is going well for me now.”

Luige told his friend about the positive experiences he had encountered and so also began to recite the phrase. The friend eventually recovered and was able to leave the hospital.

Oddly enough, in early 2019 the guy who gave out the flyers bumped into Luiges’ friend by accident. He told him that he had been studying Falun Dafa since 2016. He said it helped him to get rid of his drug addiction and that he regained his health. His wife and child also returned to him. He said, “I really appreciate Dafa and am so grateful.

My family has been reunited, and I have been given a second chance in life!”

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