Fire Is The The Great Purifier

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Taoists view the universe as the same as, or inseparable from, themselves so that Lao-tzu could say, “Without leaving my house, I know the whole universe.”

Nothing is impossible. What looks impossible has already manifested else were in the universe.  It’s our notions that narrow our thinking. Our souls are cosmic and can with ease explore the endless space effortlessly when our energy channels are totally opened up. We can do this only when we can face ourselves with an enormous heart and mind and change our thinking fundamentally.

Through true teaching, we may master ourselves. Only by doing that can we protect and honor the earth, because we truly stand on holy ground.

We may be able to honor the earth only when we have found our own sacredness deep within. Only then can we give honor to the earth in the way which we would like to honor our planet and the way we treat all on our the earth.

Earth provides for all due season. We should nor rape mother nature. 5D consciousness is eco-conscious and this means the earth is holy ground and we should respect the earth on which we stand. As long as we don’t seek out the holiness of our mother earth and thank her for her life-supporting system, we are cutting ourselves short to the highest degree. The collective lesson of Atlantis is really coming into play in front of our very eyes now.


We need to master ourselves and overcome. It’s not coincidental that the spirit of Atlantis has come to the foreground again. Indeed the collective mastership means that we may now throw off old behaviors, mindsets, and destructive habits. We must rise above and beyond and generally learn to be protectors of our planet and become masters of our destiny.

Ruins of Atlantis

 The enormous fires of the Amazon rainforests will have a ripple effect on both Americas. It is indeed concerning,  but we should not be scared and Instead of becoming mired in a panic, there is much to embrace. Fire transforms the old.   That’s, why we are going through cleansing by fire in 3 D. Because ecosystems are closely connected like arteries. It means that whatever happens on one side of the world has it has a ripple effect on the whole.

The earth itself is evolving as it forges ahead speedily. Mother earth is changing to a much higher vibration of herself.

There is nothing to be afraid of. Hopi Indians prophesied long ago that the earth will end by fire and everything that goes along with it.

Indeed it is happening and all beings are experiencing the process of being cleansed by fire one way or another.

If your greatest prayer can be like like this one; “How can I serve with greater love? How can I be of service? How can I enhance the lives of others? Use me please in servitude of highest in a godly way for the highest good for all involved.”

Your whole life will change and transform more and more to your higher, truer self.

The greatest service is that of unconditional love

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