Fengshui Practitioners Highly Critical of New Hospitals in Hubei called “Vulcan” Mountain and “Thunder” Mountain Hospitals

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WUHAN, CHINA – FEBRUARY 02: (CHINA OUT) Huoshenshan Hospital construction nears completion on February 2, 2020, in Wuhan, China. The 25,000 square meter emergency specialty field hospital, with a capacity of 1000 beds, is being built to treat patients from the deadly coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. (Photo by Stringer/Getty Images)

On February 2, Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital was completed as scheduled. However, some people familiar with Fengshui Numerology pointed out that the hospital’s naming had violated the Fengshui principles.(Image source: Stringer / Getty Images)

February 4, 2020.

Wuhan has established the Huoshenshan Hospital/Vulcan God Hospital in Caidian District, North of the Yangtze River near Zhiyin lake in Wuhan, Hubei, for the emergency virus epidemic. Leishenshan Mountain Hospital/Thunder God Mountain Hospital was officially launched on February 3, located in Jiangxia District, South of the Yangtze River.

Vulcan Mountain and Thunder God Mountain sound like two mountains but there are in fact, no such mountains.

Fengshui experts have criticized the names of the Hospitals, Fire God Mountain Hospital and Thunder God Mountain Hospital are not beneficial for the harmonious flow of energy, and naming the hospitals with such “dominant” names are, not conducive to healing. Names like Kangfu Mountain Hospital and Ping’ an Mountain, (Dragons Backbone) in Guangxi Province would have been more compassionate and closer to Chinese tradition.

 Fire and water are opposites. They naturally combat each other. The Vulcan God Mountain Hospital is situated near a river and a lake and Thunder God Hospital (promising rain) Both Hospitals are not near mountains. Therefore the Hospitals do not even bear truthful names and are according to practitioners, not Fengshui!

The Book of changes shows a picture (hexagram) of Chen Thunder below and Li, Fire above depicting the structure and effect of Fire and Thunder together. The image is conducive to a prison. The picture shows a legal matter and involving punishment. Vulcan Fire god enforces legal measures to “cope” with the Coronavirus outbreak by “finger-wagging” and warning the people to comply with CCP rules.

Vulcan Mountain Hospital (in the north) was built first, then Thunder God Mountain Hospital (in the south) was built. Divination by Fengshui experts using the Book of Changes, revealed “Biao (shìhé)”, meaning (bite on the upper and lower teeth) also gnawing, the Symbol of mastication and punishment by pressing and squeezing, gnawing bite, severing, chewing, and Punishment. 

The picture (hexagram) is built from the bottom up and Chen means thunderstorm. At the heart, it is ultimately the Lord of Heaven who blesses and cures.

Hexagram 21 The I Ching Book of Changes

The appearance of thunder (rain) and lightning (fire) suggests a large revolution. One may compare the epidemic situation to perhaps leading to the start of a “new era.” 

Some people also said that Beijing is called Xiaotangshan, Vulcan Fire God.

Interestingly from a perspective of the body, and Chinese Medicine, according to the theory of the Five Elements, lungs relate to metal, gold, and lung disease is like bad gold/metal. Gold/metal (the lungs) is afraid of fire, Vulcan.

The meaning is fire (force) is out to restrain bad gold/lung disease.

The problem is that this lung disease is caused by a virus, and the lung is a victim. It needs support, not force.

The virus has caused an overreaction of the immune system and inflammation (that is, what we often say is “getting angry.”) By taking on the qualities of water (gentle) and earth (goodness) is the only way to help people.

Ordinary people do not know that Feng Shui is a natural science and only believe in medicine. 

“Where did you get this pneumonia medicine?” The person replies “Oh, from Vulcan Mountain Hospital or Thunder Mountain Hospital. Doesn’t it sound unnatural? Or, “Where are you going?” The answer, “I am being sent to Vulcan Mountain hospital.” How does that make a patient feel? Vulcan Mountain gives people a feeling of going to a crematorium. It’s depressing. Is this how you inspire people to “get on the road to recovery”? by “sending you to Thunder Mountain?”

Thunder is a warning and punishment for a crime.  What do patients and family members like by feeling they are being sent to trial instead of treatment? Is this the way to treat the sick?

Imagine, you are a doctor or a nurse, and someone asks, “Where do you work now?” The answer: “I work in Vulcan Mountain.” How would the listener feel?

It’s not Fengshui its called power and control say practitioners.

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