Exotic Birds Recently Spotted in China’s Central National Forest Park

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Recently, Golden Pheasants were spotted foraging in China’s Ganshan National Forest Park.

The Golden Pheasant is an exotic bird of magnificent beauty. The are many species of Pheasants all over Asia and China, but in Ancient Chinese culture, they are laden with symbolic significance.

Golden Pheasant Photo: Flickr

The Pheasant in the ancient Chinese book of Divination, the I Ching uses it as an illustration of someone who is a wanderer.

In ancient China, traveling statesmen were in the habit of introducing themselves to local princes with the gift of a Pheasant. “If he knows how to meet the situation and how to introduce himself in the right way, he may find a circle of friends and a sphere of activity even in a strange country.”

In nature, the Golden Chinese Pheasant is considered to be a hardy game bird. Found in Western China, its natural habit is in the coniferous forests and the mountainous areas.

Outside of China, feral populations of these birds now exist in England and the United States. In 1735 the Golden Pheasant was imported from China to England.

In North America, the Golden Pheasant has been in captivity since the early 1740s. It is believed that George Washington may have kept a few at Mt Vernon.

There are Golden and Silver Pheasants. Pheasants were a symbol of beauty, culture and especially good fortune in ancient China

Empress Wu Song Dynasty

In antiquity during the Song Dynasty (960-1279) women wore silken garments embroidered with silk thread of silver and gold Pheasants to wear at state occasions.

In the Yuan Dynasty (1271 to 1368) the Silver Pheasant with its white-crown and long-tail was associated with ladies of the imperial family.

The Golden Pheasant, in the Ming dynasty (1391-1527) was highly praised for its bright green-gold and red plumage, beautiful long tail, and represented order and rank.

Pheasants feed on the ground on grain, berries, and small insects and other vegetation.

These beautiful birds are a protected species in China.

Lately, along with the white swans, they were cited as the “city birds” of Sanmenxia.

Wouldn’t it be a good thing if Chinese people can take the appearance of these wonderful as as a sign?

Have a look at these beauties!

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