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Dr Vincent Wang – Pfizer Booster 2nd Sep 2021

Died 16th September 2021 Aged 54

Erica speaking about the loss of her Husband to the Pfizer Booster Vaccine:

My Husband was a retried Infection Disease Doctor. After he got his third Pfizer Shot (Booster), he felt dizzy, low pressure and fainted on the stairs during Sep 5th. My husband passed away in the middle of last month because of the Covid-19 Vaccine.

His doctor didn’t give him time to go to hospital. He felt better on Sep 15th, but he passed away in the early morning on Sep 16th during deep sleep.

We have been busy contacting the complex medical system in the United States to obtain his medical records, and we have also completed our own pathological anatomy (non-suicide and crime must be at our own expense), but the report will take six to seven weeks to get the results. It’s been almost a month, and we haven’t received a death certificate, so he can’t be cremated yet.

We also required a private autopsy and reported this to the CDC and Pfizer. So far, we didn’t get any compensation .

He was given NO treatment by the medical community….. his MD told him to drink more water!

We have lost my two kids’ father, our financial support, and I have lost my dearest love. So, his departure has hit us very hard and we’re still weeping.

We came to the United States two and a half years ago during the summer, from Taiwan. We did not have any relatives and it took great courage to come to America at the age of fifty.

Washington, USA

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